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An informative video about red tide [10:06]



Have an Animal you want to suggest for "On The Hook with Zack 'Attack" or "Know Atoll"?Lets us know on Social media!Instagram @Barefoot_zak https://www.instagram.com/barefoot_zak/ Twitter @Barefoot_zak https://twitter.com/Barefoot_Zak Reddit: https:/.... Have an Animal you want to suggest for "On The Hook with Zack 'Attack" or "Know Atoll"?Lets us know on Social media!Instagram @Barefoot_zak https://www.instagram.com/barefoot_zak/ Twitter @Barefoot_zak https://twitter.com/Barefoot_Zak Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Barefoot_Sub... Consider subscribing on Patreon to support independent filmmakers and Marine Science education: https://www.patreon.com/BarefootProdu... -------A massive Thanks to DGreene Productions and Wally at Skystorm Productions, for helping me with this shoot.


red tide algal bloom red tide rick rick scott florida ocean beach waves red tide know atoll know atoll about red tide zakatk zack attack marine sea sea life marine biology beaches
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