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Dealing with Impediments



Impediments are blockers that impede the team's progress but scrum team itself can't take care of.The Scrum masters are responsible for dealing with impediments and enable teams to deal with them. Knowing what type of impediment helps in understanding... Impediments are blockers that impede the team's progress but scrum team itself can't take care of.The Scrum masters are responsible for dealing with impediments and enable teams to deal with them. Knowing what type of impediment helps in understanding whom to work with. Apeksha Patel [https://www.linkedin.com/in/cstapeksha/ ] an Organizational Design Coach and first women CST in India explains how to deal with impediments.Learn more at one of our Certified Scrum Master workshops. Register here: https://leanpitch.com/certified-scrum...


scrum scrum master dealing with impedements what does a Scrum master do apeksha patel leanpitch Certified Scrum Master training
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