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Farwell my lovely (1975) [360p] Robert Mitchum (Best of American Neo Noir)



This is NOT in perfect sync at times so if that bothers you youtube charges $2.99 to see it perfect! Those are the downs people give me for not being exactly right on the mark, very sorry friends but life is not perfect either...This is the best I could... This is NOT in perfect sync at times so if that bothers you youtube charges $2.99 to see it perfect! Those are the downs people give me for not being exactly right on the mark, very sorry friends but life is not perfect either...This is the best I could do just learning...Nitpickers in my opinion when something is FREE...Every day could be deleted so enjoy while it's up FREE, out of sync or not...Detective Philip Marlowe [Robert Mitchum] trying to solve a murder he has stumbled on, involved with the California Gambling scene and three potentially dangerous women...Farewell, My Lovely is a 1975 American neo noir film, directed by Dick Richards and featuring Robert Mitchum as private detective Phillip Marlowe.The picture is based on Raymond Chandler's novel of the same name (1940), which had previously been adapted for film as Murder, My Sweet in 1944.The film also stars Charlotte Rampling, John Ireland, Jack O'Halloran, Sylvia Miles and Harry Dean Stanton, with an early screen appearance by Sylvester Stallone. Mitchum returned to the role of Marlowe three years later in a 1978 remake of The Big Sleep, making him the only actor to portray Philip Marlowe more than once on the big screen.PLOTSet in Los Angeles in 1941, against a seamy backdrop of police corruption, cheap hotel rooms, illegal gambling and jewel trafficking, private detective Philip Marlowe is holed up in a hotel room and growing more weary by the hour. As he explains to his police lieutenant friend Nulty: "I've got a hat, a coat and a gun, that's it."Marlowe has been hired by a huge and surly ex-convict, Moose Malloy, to find his old girlfriend Velma, whom he hasn't seen in seven years. At the same time, Marlowe is investigating the murder of a client named Marriott who was a victim of blackmail and a stolen necklace made of jade.While encountering connections to both cases, Marlowe develops an attraction to the married and seductive Helen Grayle. As the body count mounts, Marlowe survives attempts on his life, which include being drugged and held captive by a psychotic brothel madam named Amthor and her thugs. The action comes to a head with a shootout on a gambling boat off the L.A. coast.Robert Mitchum as Philip Marlowe: Cynical Private Eye/ProtagonistCharlotte Rampling as Helen Grayle: Seductive Temptress Femme FataleJohn Ireland as Lt. Nulty: Skeptical LAPD DetectiveSylvia Miles as Jessie Halstead Florian: Retired Showgirl/"Secret" DrinkerAnthony Zerbe as Laird Brunette: Big Time Gangster/Gambling OperatorHarry Dean Stanton as Detective Billy Rolfe: Corrupt LAPD DetectiveJack O'Halloran as Moose Malloy: Huge Ex-ConvictJoe Spinell as Nick: Hired MuscleSylvester Stallone as Jonnie: Hired MuscleKate Murtagh as Frances Amthor: L.A.'s infamous Madam/Drug Peddler (Believed to be based on Brenda Allen)John O'Leary as Lindsay Marriott: "Homosexual" Blackmailer/Finger man for Jewel MobWalter McGinn as Tommy Ray: Second Rate Jazz TrumpeterJim Thompson as Judge Baxter Wilson Grayle: Corrupt Law Official/Helen's "sick" husband


My Lovely (Film) Robert Mitchum (Film Actor) farewell my lovely robert mitchum crime murder film noir killer strippers david shire brothel helen grayle sylvester stallone neo noir gambling scene novel sylvia miles john ireland dick richards harry dean stanton steamy actor actress thrilling private detective shootout gambling boat action film blackmail retro film classic film classic movie classic cars femme fatale showgirl homosexual mob mafia boss
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