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Former Major League Baseball burnout Elijah Dukes has gone full Sov-Cit. He claims Child Support system is extortion and that he's not required to pay b/c he "came into this world endowed with God Giv



Pay attention to the SSA Title IV D Program. It regulate the process of the AGREEMENT , remember if you SEE AGREEMENT like a thousand times wouldn't you think you had a opportunity to choose . To contract you must have two parties I'll call the... Pay attention to the SSA Title IV D Program. It regulate the process of the AGREEMENT , remember if you SEE AGREEMENT like a thousand times wouldn't you think you had a opportunity to choose . To contract you must have two parties I'll call the utilities (people) entity all in the same have to agree with verbal or by physical Contract U.C.C Law look up RIGHTS To CONTRACT , Any how they agree to disagree either way no one can be forced to do nothing against their ( Will ) if that be the case it's call extortion which means threats to do harm ex, throw u in jail , suspension of all papers (passport, license, get my drift God has taken me to a place I was free of ALL contracts as I came into this world endowed with God Given Rights .

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