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How to guide and motivate others by providing feedback!



#feedback #advice #selfhelpyourself How to give advice or give feedback to your student, mentee, employee, child or trainee who has performed badly! Very often we give people the wrong kind of feedback. how to coach, how to train, how to guide someone... #feedback #advice #selfhelpyourself How to give advice or give feedback to your student, mentee, employee, child or trainee who has performed badly! Very often we give people the wrong kind of feedback. how to coach, how to train, how to guide someone?Even if we end up giving friendly advice, very often we have a major impact on the people whom we guide.The first thing we end up doing is giving them advice. Not feedback. And very often it's not a question of good advice or bad advice, it's a matter of giving the wrong advice, at the wrong time, in the wrong way.Whether you give someone positive or negative feedback, understand the impact of how communicating to someone whom you are training, in the wrong way may impact how they think, act and feel.That's why communication skills are essential to help obtain the best results possible. Guide people with compassion. Learn how to communicate with your employees, students, players or children and then see some amazing results!Become an expert at anything: How to Create a System for Consistent Results: Watch these Trending Playlists next:Check out the PLAYLIST on CONFIDENCE: Learn how to BOOST FOCUS and IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY: Learn How to Set Goals and Achieve Success: Vikramadithya has made it his mission to transform lives using his knowledge of psychology. Straying away from the traditional career, this psychologist looks to educate hundreds of thousands of people, tell them about mental health, motivate others through motivational speeches and help them execute plans in every area of their lives. His vision for you is ' To become the best version of yourself'.Self-Help Vikram proudly invites you to subscribe and learn from the 'King of Self-Help'.Follow me here:- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Support me on Patreon: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL TO LEARN MORE AWESOME PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTS and WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE! JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF HEALTHY AND HAPPY INDIVIDUALS! Like, Comment and Subscribe for more!


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