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Nearly 30 minutes of Nickelodeon TV commercials from 1993



Taken from Nickelodeon SNICK.1. Rugrats end of closing credits from a Season 3 episode2. Nicktoons "Splaat" closing bumper3. SNICK "Stay Tuned" bumper4. Atari Jaguar Cybermorph (At least we don't get to hear that voice)5. Atari Lynx6. The Muppet... Taken from Nickelodeon SNICK.1. Rugrats end of closing credits from a Season 3 episode2. Nicktoons "Splaat" closing bumper3. SNICK "Stay Tuned" bumper4. Atari Jaguar Cybermorph (At least we don't get to hear that voice)5. Atari Lynx6. The Muppet Christmas Carol on Time Warner Home Theatre7. Micro Machines Super Van City8. Tonka Real Power Tool Shop9. Barbie Paint 'N Dazzle Car10. Levi's Loose Jeans11. Nickelodeon VHS videos at Kmart12. Nickelodeon SNICK "What's the word on the street" bumper13. Clarissa Explains in All SNICK commercial bumper14. Roundhouse promo15. Pizza Hut with X-Men Video Pack plug16. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters for the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis from Konami17. Super Nintendo with Super Mario World and Super Mario All-Stars18. Happy Days (NYC area kids' clothing small chain)19. Avonlea on the The Disney Channel promo20. SNICK Clarissa Explain it All commercial return bumper21. Clarissa Explain It All partial closing credits with Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Ren & Stimpy voiceover promos22. SNICK "Keep SNICKing" bumper23. Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats24. Cinnamon Toast Crunch25. K'nex26. After Burner bicycle from Murray27. Kirby's Pinball Land for Nintendo Game Boy28. Rugrats/Nickelodeon Happy Holidays bumper29. SNICK "Stay in the glow of the couch" promo30. Ren & Stimpy promo (yes, the episode was new, but was made in 1992 when Jon K. was still around, so it was both "OLD" and "NEW")31. Chick-a-Boom32. Ring Around the Nosy game33. Barbie Motorhome34. Barbie Fountain Pool35. Another SNES with Super Mario World and All-Stars36. Batman action figures/vehicles with Mask of the Phantasm plug37. SNICK Are You Afraid of the Dark? commercial return bumper38. Are You Afraid of the Dark? partial closing credits with Ren & Stimpy voiceover promo39. SNICK Keep Basking bumper40. Rick's Comic Cave (Forest Hills, NY)41. Another Pizza Hut with X-Men Video Pack plug42. Secret of Mana for the SNES from Squaresoft43. Eat At Ralph's game44. More Batman: The Animated Series action figures & vehicles45. Nickelodeon Reindeer bumper46. SNICK Ren & Stimpy commercial bumper47. Another Roundhouse promo48. Kellogg's Corn Pops49. Another K'nex50. Motocykes51. Leadership Conference Education Fund/Ad Council "Stop the Hate" PSA52. Room Plus Furniture, Inc.53. SNICK Ren & Stimpy commercial return bumper54. Ren & Stimpy partial closing credits with Roundhouse voiceover promo55. Another SNICK "Stay Tuned" bumper56. Doug's Christmas Special promo57. Rugrats: The Santa Experience promo58. Mattel Fuss 'n Giggles Triplets59. Another Barbie Fountain Pool60. Barbie Power Wheels Talking Phone Lamborghini 61. G.I. Joe Ghost Striker (the line was struggling at this point)62. Flexor bike by Murray63. Dockers64. Kirby's Adventure for the NES65. Another Nickelodeon reindeer bumper66. SNICK Roundhouse commercial bumper67. Nickelodeon Can't wait til' Christmas week promo68. Pressman Jumpin' Monkeys game69. Pressman Thin Ice game70. Another Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats71. One more SNES Super Set72. SNICK Roundhouse commercial return bumper73. Another SNICK Roundhouse commercial bumper74. Ker Plunk from Tyco (far more interesting than Thin Ice)75. Baby Giggles 'n Go from Tyco76. Another After Burner from Murray77. McDonald's McWorld78. Another SNICK Roundhouse commercial return bumper79. Roundhouse partial closing credits with next episode and Nick at Nite voiceover promos80. SNICK "Kids" bumper


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