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Oarfish: The Real Sea Serpent (2018) Short doc examining the legendary sea creature that resembles "sea serpents" traditionally described in folklore and myth. The world's largest bony fish. [6 mins]



For centuries, people have described encounters with sea serpents and other apparent monsters from the depths. One such inspiration for these legends is likely the Oarfish, also known as the King of Herrings. It is the world's largest bony fish and a... For centuries, people have described encounters with sea serpents and other apparent monsters from the depths. One such inspiration for these legends is likely the Oarfish, also known as the King of Herrings. It is the world's largest bony fish and a subject of abyssal gigantism. While rarely filmed alive and even more seldom in a healthy state, this fascinating creature of the ocean is striking, dramatic, and beautiful when found in the deep sea. Music by Jim Gifford:https://hunchbackentertainment.bandca... https://soundcloud.com/spitvalvemarks...

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