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All Videos: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

  Dad guesses what baseball coach is saying  And the best costume goes to... Stuart! (MadTV)  THE HOLIDAY CALENDAR Official Trailer (2018) Kat Graham, Christmas Netflix Movie HD  HAIL CEASER! [MEME] [HISTORY MEME]  New Isane Fight Compilation (Must Watch) My New Favorite "It's Intense'  Amaranth + Fig Swirl Cookies - Gluten & Dairy free, Eggless, Refined Sugar Free  Bill Clinton President Boris Yeltsin laugh Uncontrollably  Stargate SG-1 - "What"  Every American Tonight  Tom Segura, Making a Murderer  Louis Cole plays some Drum 'N' Bass.  Heath Ledger on Being Gay  [OC][USA][Repost] Traffic after country concert Leads to a Brawl!  [USA][MN] Police Chase Ends in PIT Maneuver  Honduran caravan provisions itself by violently robbing a Mexican market  Nepal Travel: How Expensive is KATHMANDU? [13:33]  [Poetry] How About a Swing?  Death Machines (1976) [480p]  Idiot fighting a street drummer's setup (x-post /r/cringe)  Fort Fork  Forensic Files: Legionnaires' Disease (1996) - When 180 Legionnaires contract pneumonia-like symptoms after a Philadelphia Convention and 29 of them die, doctors and scientists are mystified.  Blacksmithing - Making a hollow hole punch  Out of control escalator  WCGW if I play with dynamite a little?  Fan enters field dressed as referee at football game  The History of Horror Movie Music: How Strings and Synth Scores Scare Us to Death | Reverb [14:36]  How To Solve Who Shot Mr. Burns [13:02]  [Haiku] Rick and Morty featured on Mom TV Show  [USA][FL] Apparently, she didn't see me. She heard me.  [Canada][OC] My passenger thinks I overdid it on the horn. What do you think?  Here comes the screaming kid  Gallipoli (2005) An excellently produced documentary of one of the most consequential battles of World War I.  FRANK & HAM  Found this at 3 am.  Kid cries after they announce a new game feature  Simone Giertz, the "Queen of Shitty Robots", made an Every Day Calendar that is kinda really not shitty. Give yourself a gold star!  [Haiku] The Ending of Marvel's Spiderman (Spoiler)  Planet Dinosaur 2011 (Lost World) [41:00]  I Tried To Become Famous On TikTok In 24 Hours!  Tok tik  Suppressed laughter on live TV  Absolutely beautiful  Robin Williams impersonates Al Pacino  Len Lye sculpture worth $300,000 broken in pieces by waterfront  Comedian Peter Kay's hilariously chaotic appearance on a British chat show  Comedian Peter Kay's hilariously chaotic appearance on a British chat show [25:34]  Why You Might Be Giving Away Most Of Your Life - How To Make The Most Of Your Time  1/72 Mig-21 MF video build series - episode five - weathering (12:00)  [OC] Tea Steeping in a glass mug  Getting Everything On A Subway Sub.  Gordon Ramsey takes restaurant owners to church, mans confessional box himself  [OC] Traffic after country concert leads to a brawl  Dude shatters plate on another's head at Shoney's in Columbia, SC  [USA][OC]The left lane ends there for a reason!  [Poetry] Vampires are Dumb  Oblivion Dialogue [Poetry]  [Poetry] Alex Jones Is _______  The New Adventures of Tom and Jerry (1980) - In the 80s, Filmation made a new Tom and Jerry show for CBS. Oddly, the shorts still run in the Tom and Jerry blocks on Boomerang. There are 15 episodes an  Touch of Evil (2011) Movie stars appear in a video gallery of cinematic villainy for New York Times Magazine.  When You Fight A Default Skin Fortnite Battle Royale  [USA] Man abuses dog on leash. Dash Cam. Austin. TX  [Canada] Gate attacks vehicle  [OC][USA][Utah]Why take 1 lane when you can take 3?  Coldplay - Viva La Vida - Live in São Paulo  Judoka (1965) short doc tells the story of Doug Rogers, a young athlete who developed a talent for judo that led him into competition for the world championship at the Tokyo Olympics. The film shows t  Funhaus stabs each other's backs. Great episode of work friends playing a fun board game[41:14]  They Have Changed Their Face (1971) [1:31:21] [Italian] [English Subs] Hanno cambiato faccia ~ Satirical View of Capitalism as Vampirism  Man goes off on "nosy bitches" over parking ticket.  This Is How Painfully Short Life Is - A Breakdown Of The Numbers  Dahi Vada Recipe | Soft and Fluffy Dahi Bhalle | Indian Snack  Wcgw if I use a bungie cord to keep my hood down  It's All About the Irwin, Yo (Basically an Irwin AMV)  Man is accused of using a voice changer and makes a video to defend his voice.  [UK] Poor wheelie attempt  Sweden: Lessons for America? (2018) - From poor to free market to socialism [56:54]  Diana's Children (2017) "A story of compassionate people in the hardest of times. A story of a woman who saved more than 7,500 children from the Ustashi concentration camp Jasenovac in the Nazi puppet  Buffalo Creek Wildfire (2018) - Documentary showing the dramatic changes in wildfire patters and what it means for the future [14:12]  Scorpion King: Book of Souls  Death Race: Beyond Anarchy (with Glover & Trejo)  Youtuber street fight compilation  This guy makes fantastic macro videos of insects and spiders - he's not getting many views and I think there's many people who would appreciate his work.  Arrogant man punched by the bouncer.  Pururambo (2007) [480p]  Wordsworth, Coleridge and the Poetic Revolution. Prof. Jonathan Bate  History of the AMEN BREAK in 6 minutes [6:13]  [Haiku] KingCobraJFS should be swimming in pussy  [Haiku] "Ocean"  [Haiku] Lit AF party (NEIGHBORS ANGRY [Loud]  Turkish Star Trek (1973) [1:09:37] [Turkish Language] [No English Subs] Turist Ömer Uzay Yolu'nda  Cops arrest a guy for harassing a man filming in public. 10/20/18  Gilbert Gottfried can't hold it together while imitating "Old Groucho Marx" (watch the whole thing for maximum effect, but laughter really gets going at 2:30).  Japanese documentary on an American weeb is merciless  Guy rents Chinese girlfriend  Ted Cruz shows his human side with a touching and loving moment with his daughter.  Guy does a vocal cover of a death metal track, gets seen by a pedestrian looking through the window  This Beto O'Rourke flash mob.... ooooofa  Long Island couple eating at a sushi restaurant decide they needed to record it for some reason  Witch hoping to curse Justice Kavanaugh speaks out  [OC] Traffic after country concert Leads to a Brawl!  Extreme Nostalgia: "Salute Your Shorts" Intro  Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Bad Remake  [Meme] What the hell are you...?  [Haiku] [Meme] Guy gets scared by Maze Game  [Poetry]hey mom  (DIMQUISITION) A JIMQUISITION PARODY / RANT  Chewbacca Sound Tutorial for Baby  I thought you were my friend  Watch what this boxer does with its big fat butt  Halloween Candy Safety Tips  [Poetry] "Dont touch the emergency airlock"  [Haiku] a d v e n t u r e  Middlesbrough Security Reaction to filming while getting guy to leave a shopping centre  [USA][FL] Reverse of Shame  [USA][OC] Dallas, TX - Failure to Yield. Other Driver has Two Yield Signs  Pumpkin Bread - You Suck at Cooking  Cruise ships in bad weather  Beethoven's 5th in Line Rider by DoodleChaos  Astronaut Describes His Shaking Experience During Soyuz Failure [6:42]  Ballistic Reentry vs Aerodynamic Reentry [7:48]  Christer Sjögren performs Djingis Khan (Dschinghis Khan) on Swedish Tv (2009)  Apollo 11’s journey to the moon, annotated  Want a Whole New Body? Ask This Flatworm How | Deep Look  [Haiku] pUsH iT rEaL gOoD!  [Haiku]WE ARE YENOM  [Meme] man explodes door with foot  Some pretty compelling 'dark' poltergeist activity :/  Some pretty compelling 'Dark' Poltergeist activity  My Beautiful Hair! Older lady makes a video praising her hair.  [Ukraine] Crane truck, morning traffic, brakes failure.  The History of US Cavalry - Documentary (1974)  [UK] Shocking Driving Caught On Dash Cam - St Anns, Nottingham  Trying to kiss a dude/bouncer.  God of War developers released bug compilation  My Uncle Does a Halloween Lightshow Every Year - And He's getting pretty good  Night Hunter (1996) [360p]  Lumecluster's 3D Printed Armor at New York Comic Con! [7:34]  The Best Novel Of 2018 Might Be A Graphic Novel [6:51]  Little Caesars WCW Meal commercial with Goldberg and Meng (1999)  [Haiku] we are turtles  [Haiku] Mr Bubs  [Meme] 1 2 3 4  Inktober 2018 Day 23 - Autumn Drawings with Castell Pen and Watercolors  Tranquil Moments With Awkward Cousins #16 [9 months old, 70 views]  The Most Important Things For Targeted Individuals To Do To Take Back Your Life From Gang Stalkers, 6,700 views  Woman gets arrested for attacking and threatening to kill a Planet Fitness employee  [USA][TX][OC] Car turns into one way street and almost causes an accident  Nebraska is changing their state tourism slogan to “Nebraska...honestly it’s not for everyone”  John Dolmayan sneaks Serj Tankian's son on stage in the middle of a song.  How a gumball machine works  Chicken on the Way Commercial (1988)  The Impact of Populism & Nationalism on American Democracy  The Science of Self: How Gender Bias & Mindsets Influence the Inner Scientist - Dr. Trish Wonch Hill - (45 Min)  South Park creators Discuss Team Americ on 60 minutes (2004)  cooking things  The Most British Bungee Jump Ever  Interviewing people in their own language in Amsterdam  Insane, horrifying music video made with AI  [USA][TX][OC] Who really cares about stoplights anyway?  [USA][FL] Let me just sneak across here  [Meme] Venom's political status  [meme] venom.exe  [Poetry] you need to wake up  Too Much WiFi Transmit Power! Good or Bad?  Ozzy Man Reviews: Man vs Plastic Chair  The Birth Of A Wooden House [24:13]  Murdoc (Gorillaz) finding Plastic Beach [Haiku]  please karen the judge says you have to [Poetry]  [HAIKU] [MEME] The Four Peters  Clandestine employment of Indians in Italy (2013)| DW Documentary [12:01]  China's First Dynasty. The Xia Dynasty. (2013) "It was regarded as a mythical construct of later Chinese historians until excavations in the late 20th century CE uncovered sites which corresponded to   Halloween 5 (1989) [720p]  MOV 3133 - serious Asian baby eats baby food and passes wind about 0:40  MOV 0303 - girl lifts heavy barbells  Even MORE Brilliant Moments in Film [25:52]  Binging with Babish: Cinnamon Rolls from Jim Gaffigan's Stand Up (sort of) [5:58]  Are Fairy Tales Sexist?- This Morning Interview [6:06]  When Your Doc Takes His Own Drugs | Rainbow Six Siege Funny Moments  Did anyone ever try Didi Seven? (1986)  An early edit of the US pilot of the British science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf (1992)  Giving Back to Community - Krishna Mohan, PGP BABI Alumni | Business Ana...  Fat English Lad Dares To Give Speech At Irish Wedding  [Kurzgesagt] Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy – Beauty Explained  Streamer reads a story of a biker being run over by a car  Nature is the hauntological house- 2014, 42 views  Man throws crazy goose to protect his dog  [Meme] Let me guess... your swamp?  [USA][OC] Car stops for red then decides to run it and gets t-boned  Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy – Beauty Explained | Kurzgesagt [7:36]  Apollo 11's journey to the moon, annotated | Vox [5:14]  Space shuttle thermal tile demonstration.  When you want it so much you almost hop into the stands  Moules mariniere  Copied shamelessly from /r/youtubehaiku - NBC News  [Poetry] Pump it.  When you dont have the correct currency for your bread [meme]  [Poetry] The state of twitter  [Belgium] Moped driver crashing... hard  Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners - The Bush Bee Man (2018) [20:13]  Just focus on driving, WCGW?  Twilight of the Dark Master (1998) [480p]  Slovenian man dancing(?) to a live action Snow White. 2015, 13 views.  Coke rocket, 2012, 629 views  People walking around London in 1967, in color.  Buzzfeed blatantly steal small Aussie creators video, and get away with it.  A real skunk Ape sighting filmed in Florida? Pretty convincing sighting  She run for it but fail  [Canada][SK] What side of the road do i drive on?  [Poetry] Whacking off at Ruby Tuesday's  They ask you if you're fine but you are not really fine MEME  De Staat - KITTY KITTY (Official Video)  Heaven Is Myth, Nepal Is Real | Bardiya | S01E01 (2018) - A Travel documentary about our journey of Bardiya where we explored the mysteries of the jungle and witnessed wildlife from the closest place   Chrome Gnome --- Featuring a Gnome with temporal powers  [Poetry] Marge's touching Ralph's special area in different languages  Viceland: The Worst Network on Television (2018)  Epic Paws  Man runs through a day in the life of a deliveroo rider + what he earns [17:14]  Cooking for kids easy Thai Curry  Sleep N' Slurp  [Poetry] Attention all Team Fortress 2 Gamers  Absurd Fake News Show  Suicidal Boogie2988 clone shows his weight progress while ranting about random topics.  Sir Ian McKellen Dancing, 2012, 46 views  The Old Man Silicone Mask  FAMOUS THAI SOUP : TOM YUM TALAY (ต้มยำทะเล) - WITH NIN  Australian Nick Taransky making bamboo fishing rods  it's 4 am and i dont know how to explain this video, i just found, to you  Parlor Roller Pigeons  A man and his ducks  Being Awkward With Strangers In Public Prank! 😂  [Poetry] 2 year old kid quick shirt change  [Haiku] bigboi  [USA] Dump truck dumps load of rocks and mud on busy highway  Handcuffed woman steals cop car [19:36]  Paedophile freakout  [Poetry] The Gift  Moana You're welcome (except its just a bunch of fart noises!!!) 1,638 views  I have no idea what I just watched  Why are Australians accents so hard for actors to do? [7:20]  Why Carbon Dating Might Be in Danger[5:16]  Saudi Response to Killing Jamal Khashoggi  Vic Mensa Bet Freestyle  [Netherlands] Car runs red light and derails a tram  Joker cutting off his tongue [56 views, February 2017]  Guy doing a vocal cover of a death metal track gets seen by a pedestrian walking outside his window  They Have Changed Their Face (1971) [360p] [Italian] [English Subs] Hanno cambiato faccia  [Poetry] Cars  [Haiku] Betty Crocker Knows  [Haiku] My Apartment Is Falling Apart  So legalization in canada is going pretty well  [Gaming] Mark cannot "hold" in his laughter.  The old guys satisfaction at the end is great  Surprising My Husband I'm Pregnant After 7 Years! [10:34]  Mild Freakout when woman doesn't understand public fishing laws  Handcuffed suspect steals cop car, chase ensues with video from both perspectives (mobile users skip to 19:55) [USA]  Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion with Franklin Ruehl (1992)?  [Meme] Stimulate your senses  [Poetry] NBA: Where Amazing Happens  Memes that cure my Alzheimer's disease  So what about that Final Fantasy 14?  101 Facts about the 2000’s [36:19]  Handcuffed woman steals Tulsa police car  [USA][OC] I'm going now, good luck everyone else  Deyzangeroo - A very trippy animation that represents a traditional ritual performed in the Iranian port city of Bushehr  Female Golden Oriole😊  The Guy Is so Fast in Making ans Selling Watermelon Juice  Stan Lee's Superhuman (2010) - Stan Lee and Daniel Browning Smith travel the world looking for humans that have powers like heros from comic books.  Arkan's Tigers: Story of Željko Ražnatović Arkan (2018)  [Poetry]You may not like it, but this is what the ideal male fantasy looks like  [Poetry]Skyrim IRL.  People who remember every second of their life - Total recall | 60 Minutes Australia  "Today, every baby is born with teflon chemicals in their blood"  As a hockey fan, this scientific explanation of a slap shot is fascinating  Lock 🔒 vs 💣 Bomb [6:21]  Bodycam Video Shows Handcuffed Woman Stealing Tulsa Police Car  Small Fish Genitals  I made this - Mundo Imundo PopRock 1600  RIU Palace Punta Cana | Beach Day | Time-Lapse | 4K UHD | YouTube  Arrival - Film short featuring a young Robert Downey Jr. (1986)  ❰ TOP GEAR ❱ "I Was on the Internet, And I Found This...!" — Clarkson  WHAT UP WITH MY MOM?!?!?  Orion: A.I. 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