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All Videos: Friday, February 15, 2019

  Eyes Wide Shut trailer (1999)  Art is Your Prescription (2019): Acclaimed artist Nikki Luna was molested as a child. It took decades for the Philippines-born artist to realize that abuse significantly impacted every aspect of her l  How the U.S. Government Used Veterans as Atomic Guinea Pigs (2019)  Where the hell are you going dressed like that? [Poetry]  Fix The Baby [Poetry]  Pure chaos at the bar!  Man does batting practice  Steve Carell Auditioning for Anchorman  4 Dogs Flip Out On Their Way To Favorite Park  Keith Miller - The Fossil Record and the Cambrian 'Explosion' (2013) A fairly short description of the basic ancestors of most animal groups and which appeared during the early Cambrian.  What is Anime News Network?  Terrible early 2000's Scottish Jackass rip off desperately try to impress an agent into signing them with unimpressive, low budget stunts.  pewdiepie  [Haiku] Bill Gates loves dicks  [Poetry] I WANT TO SHAKE HIS HAND  Irish almighty shouting match.  [USA][VA] Lady runs red light then flips the bird  esports Caster Calls, Animated!  Cat's Desk Isn't The Same Anymore  CRAZY OLD MAN wearing a plastic dome on his head claims he's an alien from Jupiter [208 views] - uploaded 2 years ago  Bad singers make girls uncomfortable by trying to serenade them with Bruno Mars on Valentine’s Day  Fox and Friends host attempts to throw axe at a target and accidentally hits bystander  This creepy news anchor harassing reporter about her swimsuit  A Chess Dispute (1903) - A chess match leads to fisticuffs. One of the first films to deliberately take the action outside the frame.  WCGW if I climb on this fragile roof  [Haiku] Bill Gates  [USA][TX][OC] Came Across A (Very) Drunk Driver  Sneak attack attempt leads to Concussion  Street Fight and KO Near Time Square Manhattan  Powder that instantly separates all dirt and bacteria from any water. Making swamp water drinkable.  Starting a T-64 after 15 years in storage  Autistic reporter enchanted by prison’s rigid routine (the Onion News Network)  Between the Knees (1984) [360p] [English Closed Captions]  Night Owl Committee - New Set Up  Can You Beat The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Without Collecting A Single Rupee? by DGR [19:10]  This pro-European Union song...  Dog Jumping Into Leaves - Rustling Leaves Dog Left Out Of The Car  ENDED  NEVER ASK YOUR GIRL WHAT SHE WANTS TO EAT!  16 and Pregnant  DJ pone, won over 10 award worldwide for best DJ.  NYC Man Doesn't like people touching his car  Zach de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine) kills it in this very early live recording  Mark Rober - Drinking nasty swamp water (to save the world)  Bach - Chaconne, Partita nº2 BWV 1004  Action short film but instead of guns all weapons are glue-based products  “Listening to semi charmed life on Jan. 21st” (15 views)  On going action commentary 96 views  Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote segments from The Electric Company (1971) Produced and Directed by Chuck Jones  Madsticks  Dark Lies the Island - Official Trailer - Set in a small Irish town and unfolding over the course of one week, a long-standing family feud comes to a head and forces the men to face the truth  Diane - Trailer I - Mary Kay Place, Jake Lacy, Andrea Martin - Diane fills her days helping others and desperately attempting to bond with her drug-addict son. As these pieces of her existence begin t  Ask Dr. Ruth - Full Trailer - Documentary on Dr. Ruth Westheimer chronicles her path from Holocaust survivor to advocate on the front lines of sex awareness and LGBT rights.  Long Shot - Official Trailer – Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Andy Serkis - When Fred Flarsky reunites with his first crush, one of the most influential women in the world, Charl  A brief History of: The combat of the 30 (1351)  Ocean of Grass (2016) Documentary  [Haiku] Market Socialism  [Poetry] Larry Boy: Endgame  Talented  [USA] [CT] A Van makes an illegal merge, then runs a red light in front of a school  Bill Gates explains climate change & its challenges ahead  How to Attract Birds to Your Garden [9:58]  DRINKING NASTY SWAMP WATER (to save the world) [11:36]  Shohei Ohtani | 2018 "Rookie Of The Year" Highlights ᴴᴰ [9:22]  Thucydides - Another Father of History? [11:57]  Guy Jumping Through Door (451 Views, 2007)  Man with schizophrenia takes an autism test  A kid playing drums with the worst audio quality I’ve ever heard. (196 views, 3 years ago)  the reason why I'll never buy an ex-rental car  Emo kid raps in 2016 (with lighthearted references to pedophilia)  Chinese bamboo-weaving master makes unique QR codes [0:58]  Chicago Cops Dealing with a drunk Guy  [USA][CA] - I'll just let my passengers out in the middle of the road at a green light  [USA][GA][OC] Another Brilliant North Carolina Driver  [Haiku] YA HEARD ME  Hercules the "Walking Dead" dog  apel  MEMs oscillator sensitivity to helium (helium kills iPhones) [20:42]  Argument during Detroit City Council meeting.  English Football manager gives interview in English with Dutch accent  "Taco Night at the Andersons" Taco Bell ~ Blockbuster Video ~ Ghostbusters ~ Ricardo Montalbán ~ TV Commercial ~ April 20 (1999) Fox Tuesdays "Da Boom" Block ~ Futurama ~ The PJs  After The Wizard (2011) Bizarre low budget sequel to The Wizard of Oz  Offensive Valentine Cards Prank!  Weird Overwatch Ashe Gameplay Montage  Don't Lose Your Socks In the Laundry (2019) - demonstration of unique laundry technique by a bad ukulele player  At the Roof of the World (1999) Without bottled oxygen or Sherpa support Cyril Destremau attempts to climb Everest and snowboard down...  Bjorn Stalker - YouTube Documentary about Ricardo Lopez (1996)  Guy Hircefeld, a guy with a Camera OFFICIAL TRAILER (2018) "Guy Hircefeld, a veteran that served in the Israeli military at the start of its occupation of Palestine in the 1980s, now fights against Is  The Case Against Adnan Syed (2019) - HBO is creating a 4-part documentary series about Adnan Syed; the subject of Serial podcast.  [Haiku] What Happened to out 3rd?  [HAIKU] In the club and she slaps your girlfriend's ass, WDYD?  Norwegian Potato Chips Commercial  👀look at that eww we,😳see that booty.  Cheerleader Camp (1988) [360p]  Timebomb (1991) [360p]  [USA][CA] driver pulls into traffic from hwy turn out without signaling or checking traffic.  [Canada] Cammer honks through idiots  A channel being ran by a teenager who speaks in a monotone voice, and he's also a rapper named LiL ESAPi. All his videos are pure insanity, I love it.  a song about a lobster dog [960 views] [two years old]  Teenage Space Vampires Trailer (1999)  Girlfriend Reviews seems to qualify...  Builders Prank  How to Make A Perfect Charcuterie And Cheese Platter For The Valentine's Day  [Poetry] It's Always Sunny in the White House  [POETRY] Spy Kids 2 Gets Existential  A brawl at the Walmart! Also wtf  Guy plays both guitar parts for “Dramamine” by Modest Mouse on one guitar  I want to shake your hand!  You guys got me into The Lockpicking Lawyer, as I was going through his videos I found this one which shows you how to make the easiest locks nearly "pick-proof." This guy is amazing.  Rec (2007) [720p] HORROR  Eating semen...  Shoe polish lol  How Estonia became one of the world’s most advanced digital societies | CNBC Reports [6:55]  Coding 101 - Episode 2: Compilers, Interpreters and Java [7:13]  The Mean Machines PSA (1984)  Friend sent me this weird video  Weird and funny ashe overwatch montage  "Decker" Enhance - Siri vs. Alexa  How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries Easy - Best Valentine's Day Dessert  Gift Bag using Old Cardboard || Best Out of Waste  This Ugandan maymay  [Haiku]The New Style  a fight outside the store! (Please ignore the racist YouTube title)  How To Channel Your Road Rage Into Cold, Calculating Road Revenge  Stone Temple Pylons - Jazz Hands  Flipping through an old dinosaur Viewfinder reel while singing a number from Reptar on Ice. [0:38]  The Most Profound Moment in Gaming History [16:15]  The Marketplace of Ideas (Three Arrows) [30:21]  Saban's The Adventures Of Pinnochio Theme Song (1972)  The President's Mystery (1936) A B-movie with cheap sets, wooden actors, half a plot...and a script co-written by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Recovering a hard drive gone wrong  Is speeding a crime?  The Musical Hunt for Bigfoot  Guy does a prank call for a joke in his cartoon. <1000 views  [9:00] This Live TV Show Went Horribly Wrong... Or Did it?  Reggie Watts - Time Travel | Modern Comedian - Episode 23 [11:41]  MR X Poses...  Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel Final Trailer  3 Lawyers in Ancient Greece : Protagoras, Apollodorus, Bias of Priene  The banality of racism, a look into the lives and intentions of Israeli settlers in the city of Hebron.[excerpt] (2010)  Watergate Plus 30: Shadow of History (2003) - A look back, from 30 years later, at the Watergate break-in and the fall of Richard Nixon's presidency.  Trailer for Apollo 11 (2019). Upcoming film about The Apollo 11 mission using nothing but archived footage  [Meme] super mario odyssey 2: game of the year edition  [Poetry] Colleagues Morn the Mars Rover  [Haiku] Scooby Pushes His Luck  New England Patriots Fans Brawl During Super Bowl Parade  Incident at the drive thru! Drinks thrown!  [Netherlands] Opel driver ignores red light on railway crossing  Hooligans singing Savage garden - Truly madly deeply  CTHULHU (2007)  Man angrily reviews the character design of a villain from bubble guppies  Satisfied Kano Chokes His Bitch Sonya [Fan-Edit Ryona]  Local Boston-area commercial for Shop n Save supermarket, complete with "Ed", a bootleg George Costanza (1993)  Irish alien girl promoting playstation [320 views]  Are We Practicing Incorrectly? // Process [08:06]  How to be "Team Human" in the digital future | Douglas Rushkoff [12:23]  Cat High Five - Funny Kitty Give Owner High Fives  Funny game video with friends  HD Compilation  Can Your Religion Get You Out of School? (2019) - The story of the Supreme Court case Wisconsin v. Yoder, in which Amish parents fight for their right to drop their kids out of school after 8th grade.  Secret Societies: The Dark Mysteries of Power Revealed - full 4 parts (2009) [416p] - The dark mysteries of power revealed… Behind closed doors, cliques of the world’s most powerful men form socie  Julius Caesar Revealed (2018) - Excellent BBC documentary hosted by Mary Beard  MP40 by Ahoy (2019)  Korean Master hand of Ceramic, How to make double layer Celadon, Seyong Kim  [Haiku] Oh boy Cheese  Twitter beef leads to a public freak out and beating  UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal fighting in Kimbo's backyard fights  Ahoy - MP40.  Guy Plays Doom Metal For Cattle  Toronto's Oldest Market!  YouTube channel that uploads piano tutorials has been demonetized for "repetitious content"  The Dead playing “Loose Lucy” Live for the first time in 16 years  Snowboarder Yuki Kadono puts down a historic run on his last chance  Instant regret moments  MP40. - XboxAhoy released another video about guns with amazing visuals and voice acting [11:45]  [Gaming] Guy fucks up in GTA Bank Heist  Wichita Home Depot Bomb Threat  Bud Light "Castaways" Commercial (1994)  Vera Drake - The Impact Of The Significant Turning Point On Characters [Media Studies, Film Theory]  Pearl Harbor: the View from Japan (1994) - Japanese produced doco on the attack  [Haiku] You're Gnome Have A Bad Time  [USA][MI] Driver going the wrong way on snowy roads.  Happy Valentines Day Surprise!  Can Your Religion Get You Out of School? | Wisconsin v. Yoder  The Death Squad (1974) [480p]  How regenerative farming can help heal the planet and human health | Charles Massy  The Fractal Brain Theory & the Unification of Neuroscience with AI & Psychology  “Kids, put that carbon dioxide molecule you’re playing with back where it goes!” 30 views, no likes  What (or Why) is Wild Animus?? [13:04]  Why is This Song So Depressing? Sad Songs Explained [8:43]  Painful  Action Park Amusement Park Commercial (1984)  Action Mountain Amusement Park in Pine Hill, NJ - Commercial (1984)  Josh Kirby: Time Warrior, Chapter 3, Trapped On Toy World Promo (1995)  Funny Unexpected Moments 2019  Chicken Spring Roll  [Hungary] Escaped prisoner goes around a blockade, officer opens fire on him  Brewing the same beer on $1,500 vs. $150,000 equipment  Seeing the notes of the piano light up makes me feel like I have synesthesia  i can't understand if this is a joke or not. posted on September 3, 2018 and currently has 42 views  Well this is pleasantly haunting  Guy casually shows the layout of a modern game room  Fan gives away $10k on way to T-Series HQ for PewDiePie [20:35]  Happy Valentines Day! [6:46]  Streamer rages and insults best friend over Super Smash Bros  Top notch PR here. TOP. NOTCH.  ACTION Opening (1999) Theme to critically acclaimed short-lived sitcom starring Jay Mohr. Took on many taboo Hollywood subjects, including jokes about the Weinsteins being sketchy.  Epic Kids Fails | Why Did You Do That?! | Funny Fails Compilation  Watch this really funny video  4 Websites You Should NEVER Visit  [Poetry] An ordinary piece of paper  Nearly 100 Captive Orcas and Belugas at Risk of Drowning, Freezing to Death  Dread Zeppelin - Black Dog. Reggae, Zeppelin, and Elvis.  This is how Hans Zimmer made the Interstellar soundtrack  How to draw a sheep (so ugly and so beautiful)  The Motivational Success Story Of Emilia Clarke - From Unknown Actress To Mother Of Dragons In GOT  She fights with her dad  Chris D'elia on TFATK: "I'm Penelope"  Funny Magic tricks and Magic fails Compilation 🔥 He really did .....🔥  History of Death Wish (2019) - History of the controversial vigilante revenge film that was used to justify a real life incident a decade after its release [10:04]  I rented friends to be more popular on Instagram (2019)  Maison Ikkoku: Final Chapter (1988) [1080p]  Borat buys a car  I fell down a deep crab hole and this was at the end of it. It goes for nearly 3 minutes.  Just below the surfuce of youtube is this piece of gold hillbilly rage.  This is getting completely out of hand  Diss track with the beat louder than the lyrics  "Expert" witness can't answer a simple math question in a deposition.  Dog Twerking - Funny Twerk Dancing  AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME Launch Trailer  great cameraman ..keep recording  The Egyptian Book of the Dead (2006) [416p] - It's a story that spans 4,000 years, older than the Bible...and it's all true. It was lost for thousands of years, discovered a century ago, and its true   Acorn to Arabella - Disassembling a classic yacht [26:34]  I brewed beer at home for 12 years before opening a brewery last year. Here is the same IPA on our 300 gallon system and my old 10 gallon homebrewing setup.  Gordon Ramsay Animated - R A W  Anarcho-Capitalists VS. Sovereign Citizens (Patron Request)  A Compilation of what could go wrong clips from the subreddit  [Poetry] My last 2 remaining brain cells be like...  Kid beats up his alleged bully  The Rom Com Lie [13:31]  How regenerative farming can help heal the planet and human health [17:27]  Kid gets caught cheating on his Roblox girlfriend  PORNHUB DROPPED A MIXTAPE  Cat Has Vietnam Flashback - Funny War Flashback  "I'll tell you what... I'll grow a beard. Coz it's in my genes!"  36 Questions Women Have For Men (Answers)  Kitchen Calamity  The Rom Com Lie (2019) - an exploration of the romantic comedy formula that pokes fun at its conventions  Basil teaches his car a lesson  Teen drama  How To Find A Date In 2019  How to Use Spoiled Milk | Khoya | Cottage Cheese | Bintesyed Cooking  Triple Frontier - Trailer 2 - Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund & Pedro Pascal - Five former Special Forces operatives reunite to plan a heist in a sparsely populated multi-bor  After - Trailer - Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Jennifer Beals - A young girl falls for a guy with a dark secret and the two embark on a rocky relationship.  Starfish - Trailer - Virginia Gardner - With reality rapidly fraying at the edges, Aubrey finds herself following a string of clues left by her friend. Clues that will unlock the secrets of The Signal  [Poetry] Happy Valentine’s Day  dame tu cosita ohoh)))))  Beef Gyudon Yoshinoya Recipe - WAY Better Than Yoshinoya!  Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst (2004)  Alexa, are you exploiting me? [11:34]  Static Rising Card Trick  DOGS And CATS Doing Hilarious Exercises  India wants revenge  [Meme] .flex  [Meme]Data Gives A Birthday Gift To Worf  This is a pup  “I got your back, Hunny”  Tana Mongeau Tried To Hurt Me  Top 10 UFC Call Outs.  The Belly Boys Of China | How To Integrate Into Chinese Culture  Kanye West: The Making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2019)  Disney’s Flight of the Navigator (1986)  Abandoned Military Hospital what we found inside was crazy  Have we seen the actual reality of a monstrous crime? Or merely an illusion? The product of a tortured brain. (1960)'s  Waking The Cat With a Fart 😝  [USA][VA][OC] Wrong way driver and 3 people parking wherever they want in 30 seconds or less.  Power of Choice. A Nintendo Demonstrator Program demo tape.  History of Amputation [5:50]  soft and healthy breakfast  [Poetry] A simple maths problem. Solution in the comments.  [UK][Topgear] Hydroplaning in a BMW  Wow time flies back when musically was a thing  Don’t see this too often.  Crazy fights and Public freakouts  Ironic Tik Tok TROLL Meme Compilation (VERY OFFENSIVE)  Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Remix)  The Making of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1997), a behind-the-scenes documentary made during the show's run on the Sci-Fi Channel  [meme] Goku's Strongest Opponent  [Poetry]- SuperBush 64  [Haiku] So... what's wrong with everybody?  Kimbo’s only L on the street and it was to a cop.  Rachele Gilmore sings The Doll Song from The Tales of Hoffmann. She only had a four hours' notice that she would sing that night. She ended up singing a High A-flat, the highest note to have ever been  Gotta Lotta Bottle  BOOM BOOM BALLOON CHALLENGE/KADANA  The Allure of Vintage Dinosaur Artwork [10:20]  Snake Goulash. Probably tastes like sausage lol. [10:50]  The Most Compelling Police Interrogations pt. 4 [49:44]  Mega Man X - What Is Love (2,150 views)  Two blokes make a petrol-powered toothbrush/hedge-trimmer hybrid.  Walmart knife review on shrooms (2008)  Skateboarder Rodney Mullen on "The Dr. Fad Show", a syndicated kids game show produced by WCBS New York where kids present inventions to win a Disney World trip. "Doug" creator Jim Jinkins designed th  Crazy video with public fights 😱  Tapioca!  Tik Tok is great, Right?  Conviction – An Anthem Trailer From Neill Blomkamp  This is what happens when you do drugs before announcing a soccer match  [Poetry] Valentines Day | Strength Test  Kittens annoying mom  Go Back 1 Day: Thursday, February 14, 2019