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  Laddergoat will always be a classic for me  I shit 958 views posted in 2016  Kid Screams On An 8 Hour Flight [Repost]  [Poetry] Fortnite  WANNA SPRITE CRANBERRY  Smart way to fill up your teapot  Impression Rhapsody  Fortnite Funny Moments!  Post Malone - Candy Paint (Live)  You Dirty Boy  Beatboxing with an ElectroLarynx  Gross Mouthguard Challenge  10 WWE finishers to a Pinkie Pie drawing (11 views)  Man exposes "homosexual magic"  The Stories of Alfonso Cuarón | Storytellers [12:48]  [Haiku] thoughts on smash ultimate netcode  [Haiku] That's Hot  When Your Duck orders some Sushi, You be like... :D  Alita: Battle Angel | Official International Trailer 4 - RISE  Kid makes rap for his parents on Thanksgiving. Its painfully wholesome.  Drunken Columbia Student Goes On Racist Tirade "We Saved The World!"  Live looping performance using some instruments you've probably never seen  Skull-Faced Alien Action Figure Commercial. (1979)  The Process (S2EP2) Oil Painting [26:07]  Making Turkish Yufka bread  Well, that was an awkward thing to happen  Funny video LoL  [Jamaica] Car drives off the side of bridge and is barely caught by support beam  Husky Pulls Me On Longboard!  Documentary On Breathing Addiction 2.7k views 1/1/2018  The 2007/8 Housing Crisis of Credit Visualized - [11:10]  Very Political Furry wins gaming award.  (videogamedunkey) Difficulty in Videogames Part 2  How directors shoot the scenes for skateboarding videos.  Who Killed The Electric Car? (2006)  42 Ways To Kill Hitler (2008) [720p] - Recently declassified documents shed new light on attempts to assassinate Hitler. There were at least 42 known plots.  Miura - The Perfect Golf Club  Interview with the guy who got tazed by P. Barnes  A unique lift helps cyclists go up a hill in this Norwegian city [7:45]  [Haiku] Man vs Nature  [Haiku] Grape Flavor  [Haiku] Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Shootin' 2  One Man Army Compilation!  LIVE: Russian are having an incredibly difficult time repairing a module on the ISS  One of my favorite video game trailers of all time. "We Are ODST"  Conrad's Identity (2018)  [USA][IN][OC] Cut off in a roundabout (Carmel)  [USA][KS] Oversized load gives a friendly love tap to a lonely stoplight  A short italian remake of the pilot episode of twin peaks  The only English a Konami game understands  Is it Friday Yet? Man am I ready for a drink  The Drunken Master - Emanuel Augustus Insane Boxing Style Explained  Singing Bird in VRchat talks about being homeless  Spider Silk, Cursing, Compound Eyes | LEARN FROM NATURE #3 [2018]  They Might Be Giants on Nick rocks (1989)  Evolution of Guts (2008) A history of digestion and how better guts led to better brains.  What's the Best Human Support Class? [9:04]  How Little Nightmares and Inside Create Fear |A Story and Design Analysis[18:36]  Twerking "fo the dead homies"  Handheld inverted fire tornado  Just discovered Ikea Taiwan's wholesome makeover video series.  Man overreacts to eating a hot pepper, spits everywhere while being mean to his mom.  Curb Your Obama School Lunch Policy  Bully bashing dude that doesnt want to fight gets fucked up by a guy with a chair  The WWI Conspiracy Part I (2018)  BBC - "When God Spoke English: The Making of the King James Bible" (2011) [57:57]  [HD] These 38 Minutes Will Blow Your Mind! (2016) - Fractal Geometry & Quantum Physics Movie  Ships Engines (2018)  Katy ISD Board Fights Over How To Replace Lance Hindt  Trump dukes it out live with Pelosi and Schumer in the White House  [USA][SC] Too much horn or just enough?  I went to the thriftstore again. - YouTube  New episode of AND THE FINDINGS!!!  [6 years old, 20k views] Trailer for a UK porn adaptation of Sherlock Holmes called 'SHERLOCK BONES'  Oregon Trail II Speedrun 1:29.41 (WR)  Among the strangest music videos I've ever seen  Good shot!  Time is STOPPED - EXPERIMENTS: Cutter VS Clock alarm , Bananas , Ball  When Jordan Peterson tries to explain something  Black only Vacations - No Whites Allowed  Man Attacked By Snake In Police Station  Huge shooting range fire and explosion from cops shooting incendiary rounds  Two ladies about to throw down over bingo. For some reason this is the only version I could find.  Spoiled brat berates her own grandfather over an appointment  [USA][IN][OC] Just... drive, please  [USA][MD] Total disregard for school bus  [USA][IN][OC] Sorry for hitting you!  🔥Trend Vine Video Composition 162: Awesome Jokes Publication Videos (😂 FunnY Cube)  Moon Landings Faked? Filmmaker Says Not! [13:08]  How Italy’s Biggest Mozzarella Balls Are Made [9:30]  Rina Chan and Kirbopher IN PRIVATE  Local stereo store advertises $19.99 car stereos with a terrible Prince impersonator (from 1984)  [Poetry] old people logic  [Poetry] When you lose a customer  Having s3x at dominos...  5 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Horse Girl  Underrated super awesome animator.  How Richard Branson created his own soda to destroy Coke -- the plan was an epic fail but Branson learned a massive lesson  The Confessions Of Bernhard Goetz (1987)  Shrek Is Hot, Shrek is Life  HogwAAAHds  Nukes in Space - The Rainbow Bombs (1999) [384p] - Provides an interesting overview of the development of the military space program of missiles and space-based nuclear weapons testing with spectacula  Moorish “ID cards” won’t help you at the bank  CRAZY RUSSIAN DRIVING (BRUTAL)| GLOBAL DASHCAM MADNESS  Kid does triple front flip into another kids head so hard, he allegedly broke his skull.  [OC][USA] Drove by a firey car last night, felt the heat on my shoulder as I passed it  [Canada] "You're destination is on your righ-LEFT" - Another Dangerous Uber Driver  The Fanny Pack Song  Tenaha Texas Drug Bust Facebook Comments - Epic Police Fail  [Poetry] S is for John  [haiku] Uh... AaaAAHh  Scotland Touts Tidal Energy As The Renewable Of The Future [14:08]  [Haiku] When you have 10 strength and 10 intelligence in character customization  Glass (2019) - Official International Trailer UK  BBC News Dancer  K-Pop group forced into impromptu performance with no backing lyrics  Singer explains lyrics to her song “Monster”, tries to sing high notes and brutally gets turned into a meme.  I think this was supposed to be comedy but...  Ash Ketchum calls a Christian TV show.  British humour - It's not brain surgery  This madman created a swarm of drones with face recognition that kamikaze into people.  This mouse trying to fit through a gap that progressively gets smaller each time it leaves  Wack a Mole-Themed Child World Commercial Featuring "LJN Video Art" (1987)  Lord of the Wizard of Oz  Travel Deep Inside a Leaf  Spicy Chinese Shrimp - A Christmas Recipe dedicate to the Jewish Community  [Meme] Leaked final DLC smash fighter  Infomercial for the unfortunately titled "Easy Stripper" (1992)  Individually we are weak, like a single twig. But as a bundle...  Someone made their own sequel to Zootopia.  ShowReel (2 years, 40 views)  Buff guy with terrible hair and eyebrows does terrible covers.  "Heil Honey I'm Home!" - a controversial British sitcom that was cancelled after one episode (1990)  WCGW if I don't distribute the weight of my car properly when I take it on the drag strip?  Art of fountain pen  Unarmed and Dangerous Man Destroys Hotel Lobby  The Rise of 20 Hour-Long Flights [12:32]  Puzzle expert explains how crossword puzzles are made [11:27]  MEGA FUNNY VINES #21 😊 💯  The funniest baby video i ever seen LoL 😂😁😀  Aussie comedian rises up against the ghostbusters remake  Homer meeting Michael Jackson is one of my favourite simpson moments  This K-pop idol has to fake a Korean accent when speaking English in Korea  [Haiku] Everyone's reaction to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie poster  [Haiku] Sick0 "Nnngh" Mode.  [Haiku] Interesting dive  Floating Homes Protecting Lives and Livelihoods Against Floods in Vietnam (2018)  All is One (2018) - Follows Israeli metal band Orphaned Land, trying to mend the broken bridges of the Middle East through their music.  Sovereign Citizen Arrested, Says He's Traveling  Police officer screams as she is run over TWICE by car thief  Woman screams like a child while being arrested. Of course complete with white knighting.  [USA][TX] Near Head-On Collision by Bad Driver in Austin  What could go wrong if i spin this fire tornado too fast  How to make Moussaka...  The Magic Sword (1962) [720p]  Guy builds AI controlled swarm of drones that tries to ram his head [9:59]  [Poetry] Death Grips - Hot Wings and Sauce  Leonard Cohen, re-interpreted (271 views)  Got that stuff?  Struck By Lightning - Pilot - W/O/C - Sept. 19th (1979) This series only lasted 3 episodes before being cancelled!  [Estonia][OC] As a relatively new driver, I'm quickly learning to always be afraid of BMW/Audi drivers. Here's an example of an Audi not giving any fucks from earlier today.  Man gets prank called by Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard and has the time of his life.  Greg Heffley vs. Charlie Brown Rap Battle (2500 views)  Burning Doraemon for PewDiePie vs Tseries  Gunpowder- The Rise of Bombardments  Life Sentence - Florida's Alimony Problem (2018)  Secrets of War: Vietnam A War Unwanted - Johnsons Battleground 4of5 (2013) [480] - Secret Vietnamese strategies were designed to sabotage American morale, while Lyndon Johnson’s White House attempte  Gunpowder (2018) - The Rise of Bombardments  [USA][CA] Bus catches people parking illegally in San Francisco  [UK] Thief Trackers Stolen R6 Recovered 3 Times  A High Wind in Jamaica (1965) [1080p]  How This Tiny Country Became The World's Second Largest Agricultural Exporter (The Netherlands)  In Da Buy Mode 1 - 50 Cent vs. the Sims (2010, 5k views)  UK Prime Minister gets locked in her car before key Brexit meeting  How Human-Like Robots Will Impact Work, Life and Society: Geordie Rose at McMaster University  Video on Interesting facts about Dogs  In the Moscow metro, people crush each other because of train breakdowns.  Fat and Lazy [7:26]  How this African beat spread through Latin America | Vox [7:37]  Dont fry Gnocchi  ScHoolboy Q takes Mac Miller on a date after he was feeling depressed  Aussie comedian Steve Hughes on being offended.  A unique lift helps cyclists go up a hill in this Norwegian city  Secrets of War: Vietnam A War Unwanted - Special Operations 3of5 (2013) [480] - The stories of clandestine operational groups, their missions and mysterious means of survival...  Enlightening Adventures - Age of Empires II HD  [Haiku] Smash Brothers Ultimate Easter Egg!  Great content from R/disability - What happens when you tazer a paraplegic?  Secrets of War: Vietnam A War Unwanted - Alpha Strike 1of5 (2013) [480] - Exclusive interviews with North Vietnamese veterans, secret American operations in Laos and Cambodia, and the Navy’s classif  Secrets of War: Vietnam A War Unwanted - Hidden in Plain Sight 2of5 (2013) [480] - From the Ho Chi Minh trail to the tunnels of Cu Chi, the remarkable story of hidden supply highways, underground citi  BARNOLD - Arnold Schwarzenegger gets jiggy. (2426 Views, 2010)  What to get a Heroin Addict for Christmas  If the Incredibles was in Australia  Year Million (2017) [360p]  Warren Buffett Biography (2018) - World Richest Man I Short story part - 1(6:03)  Khadijah: The Lady of Quraish | (2018)  Kim Jung Gi - How to Become a Master of Drawing [15:48]  360 Degree View of Two Disc Magnets approaching each other, The Yellow-Purple Arrows show the field direction with the Yellow part pointing at the closest North pole. The Red-Blue-Teal color shells sh  Anyone Ever Post This fight ?  Grandpa knocks out young punk  the Kevin Hart Oscars controversy summarized perfectly by Australian comedian Lewis Spears  The Notorious B.I.G. on an episode of 'Martin' (1995)  Child crashes on the ground during a walk  Encryption explained like you are 5 years old (non technical)  Mr Peabody and the Mermaid (1948) [480p]  Beat Him Up For Hitting His Lil Sister  Top answer [Meme]  Cat meow sounds like a whale! (Bonus video in comments)  Taking drone footage to a whole new level  store owner gets mad  How The Netherlands Became The World's Second Largest Food Exporter [8:53]  🔥Top Joke Video Mixtage #161: New Jokes Mix Videos (FunnY Cube) | 😂 FUNNY VINES & COUBS  [Haiku] oooooowwwoooooo  [Haiku] When someone replies to your joke comment seriously  The IT Crowd - Piracy warning  Bobby, Television.  How This Tiny Country Became The World's Second Largest Food Exporter  Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Back!  [Poetry] The Moment You've Been Waiting For  (1995) Tom Green Christmas Special (Canadian Public Access TV)  David Byrne - Back In The Box music video (1994)  The Bad Boy of Bowling (2015) - Pete Weber, son of PBA Founder/Hall of Famer Dick Weber, revolutionized and brought bowling back to TV because of his emotion filled outbursts. (00:19:01)  A cover of Foreigner's Feels Like First Time  anthony talks about his b-day that was yesterday.  Weirdo talks about the secrets to pooping.  100% a repost but it's been a while. Michael Richards apologizing on Letterman for his rant with the audience laughing over it  Girl thinks she's funny  [Haiku] Sinking Ship  [Poetry] late night conversation with my cat  [Poetry] Will Smith Reacts to HuniePop 2  Ferrari fans (and Finnish commentators) going wild after Kimi's pole in Monza 2018  Someone made there own sequel to Zootopia.  Rewind 2018. The trashy version  Once Upon a Deadpool - Respect the Back Trailer - Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison - A PG-13 version of 'Deadpool 2' for Xmas. A Deadpool fairy tale that gives zero F’s.  Proud boys ceremony and compilation; no matter what you think of their politics it is painful, I think they take themselves seriously  Whenever I'm down this dude's Golden Girls Gospel Remix cheers me up.  NYT puzzle constructor explains how crossword puzzles are made and hides several clues throughout video  [Haiku] YouTube Rewind 2018 but every time it's cringy the video ends  [Meme]When you finally arrive at 1273 Rockefeller Street  Literally spent hours and days doing this video. I do a lot of these videos on my channel as well as other kinds of videos. Feel free to subscribe. Now enjoy the video  When Sharks Swam the Great Plains - PBS Eons  The yellow vests in Paris chanting for a revolution  Dolphins beat Patriots with Miraculous Game-Winner  Teaching someone to wrap a gift with your hands taped down  Beautiful gecko hatching cute😍😍  CRAZY DRUNK WALTER (South Carolina)  Cheers-Best Norm Greeting  [OC] [Haiku] Nice Handsome and Thin  Close Encounters  Schooner Sprint Beer Drinking Competition  A relaxing yet haunting music video