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Popular Today: Thursday, February 21, 2019

  [Poetry] Donald Trump added to Apex Legends  I’m sure this has been posted before, but this lady freaking out over juice kills me...  Ellen Page Virtue Signaling  Greetings from New York (1983) Documentary covering fashion designers ~ graffiti artists ~ hardcore music  Youtuber spends 11 months finding scenes where actors do exaggerated imitations, it's genius.  [Haiku] Mean Bees  Woman battered and robbed in lift; KL Malaysia  The high cost of free parking - Vox [6:42]  Guy scares the hell out of a Indian call center scammer  National Emergency t in Bb Major  Shooting the shit  Octupus displays a mind-bogglingly complex camouflage defense, followed by a jaw-dropping shapeshift. A transformation so incredible that it could be described as "other-worldly".  Weeb dances to anime music in basement ~1k views  Conan attempts to buy a hat in Australia  Ultimate Army Fails Compilation 2019  Cute Baby and Labrador dog playing together  The Battle of Crete (2009) [540p] - Recounts the German airborne invasion of the Greek island of Crete in May 1941.  Jennifer Pan’s revenge on her 'Tiger Parents'(2019)  [MEME] That's the truth  [meme] [poetry] Explosive personality  Thats how you fuckin?  Scott Walker performing 'Jackie' on a tv show in the (1960)s  "Rap group" back from my college days flaunts inept lyrical flow and autotune while mentioning molesting children  Man with limited vocabulary explains why bisexuality is bad  Teaching crafts since she was 4 years old  Hey Man What Are You Doing?  [Poetry] I Like 'em BEEG  Linkin Park - Disappointment Hotel (Official Video)  "God fearing" insane women goes on a racist tirade on guy waiting for his friend  [Meme] Let Me In  ICE CREAM TRUCK 🍦 Cartoon For Kids  Dangerous moment fails compilations  Yakimeshi Fried Rice - The Best Fried Rice You'll Ever Make At Home!  Street fighter vs. Boxer  I Like This Dude  Street fight one dude takes on 3 Guys Caught on security camera  I Gave My Fire Ants A Chicken Head [20:20]  I just tried this lemon omelette pancake for breakfast...  Tilly Lockey Receives Alita: Battle Angel Bionic Arms  Save Jeeves Charity Appeal Video (158 views in over 5 years)  [Meme] Nice  Have You guys Subscribed To This Channel Yet ? What are Your Thoughts?  WCGW if I test drive the car inside the car dealership.  The Restoration of Ave Maria (2019) - A short documentary about restoring a pest eaten and crumbling religious triptych.  Remember to clean the entire car, not just the windows. [USA]  Near death captured by camera - Vol14  And?  Who remembers this classic: Schfifty Five  this is art.  Bomb Squad called to a Home Depot because of a man’s poop joke. The news anchor is killing me  The Last Stand but it's played on a Crusader Helmet  Cheerleader beats bully  This entire series  Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Installed  Earth The Making of a Planet(2011) - "Showing the story of Earth's history from its start to present day" [1:33:58]  FYRE Festival: What Netflix Didn't Tell Us (2019) - Marc Weinstein Explains His First Hand Experience Working For Fyre Festival [1:20:47]  Yana story | Life of an Illustrator with Retina destruction (2018)  Razor Scooter Game Disaster  "Movie Trailer" for a high school project has beautiful photography, captivating acting, and cutting edge SFX ~ 108 views  i don't know how to title this  How to Undress in Front of your Husband (SFW) (1950)  This guy has over 30 videos of him doing the dishes and ranting nonstop. I can't tell if hes a genius or completely psychotic.  Interesting Facts (2019) About the Old Kingdom of Egypt  Eli Porter Documentary, The Peoples Champ (2003)  The Story From Fallujah Covered Up By The US(2014)  Noam Chomsky on Propaganda - The Big Idea (1996) - "Chomsky on how propaganda in western media works, still relevant today." [30:17]  A Mash-Up of Call Me Maybe and Forgot About Dre  [Meme] when youre a part of discord staff  [Haiku] Sorry  Red Dead Redemption 2: Fatherhood, Forgiveness and Self-Destruction  Pseudofractals! Accidental aesthetics where math meets pixels by Jes Wolfe [8:55]  Truck in a highway intersection  Guy thinks hooking his plants up to batteries will repair it from wifi damage...  Guy tricks his dad into getting a tattoo?  Almost got out of there cleanly  1-800-Con-Man: Running a National Scam out of Prison (1991)  Crazy knock out in the streets of NYC  [Haiku] Kittyfluted  SNOW IN LAS VEGAS NEVADA 2 20 2019  Quickest game ever (Funny fail)  outshined  F-4 vs MiG-21| with Jerry Beaulier  Monkey Vine - Funny Eating Banana And Fails  Types of Barber Clients  A drunk cooking lesson on Mongolian Beef  Hurry up and take my money!  [Haiku] Dog Baptism  Uk fight  The Making of Space Invaders (2018)  England's Forgotten Queen: The Life and Death of Lady Jane Grey (2018) - The story of Lady Jane Grey, the first Queen of England. Playlist of all 3 episodes  Angelic Singing  A quirky Korean kid MCs over Psychedelic Trance tracks  Boy gets Dad's help by using doorbell  [Haiku]Run The Nattō  The Marketplace of Ideas - Three Arrows  Instant Pot WINE - grape juice to wine? | FERMENTED [6:48]  Germany's Demographic Demise? - A Response to The Iconoclast | Three Arrows [48:27]  Ice Age Horses of the American West (2018)  He is Above The Law  Got sent this video of one of the teachers at my school playing the globglogabgalab song on banjo.  Hacking Democracy (2006) Doc investigating the anomalies and manipulation of votes using voting machines that occurred during the 2000 and 2004 US elections.  Danish news anchor laughs when watching her own mistakes  jello slurp  Ukulele Bucket Stand (2019) DIY documentary on how to use a simple bucket as an ukulele stand.  Eco India: Bengaluru is witnessing a transformation, one lake at a time. Our top story this week looks at how citizens in Bengaluru are coming together to replenish and revive the city's lakes. [7:17]  Abby’s Adventures: Pacifica Pier (EPIC FAIL)  DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE Official Trailer (2019) Mel Gibson Action Movie HD  old minecraft letsplay  “LOVE IS CRUEL” two kids make an Oscar worthy short film. 108 views (2011)  Lettering Graffiti Skills [18:02]  Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens - "A Study In Brown". Watch out for the bass player (1940)  The Sound of Sight (1969): a sound essay on Flexidisc, by Tony Schwartz featuring Marshall McLuhan  [USA][OC] Geo Metro goes off-roading  The Matrix' Lobby Scene with A Cappella Multitrack - Matt Mulholland  Yumi Nagashima - What turns me on the most [Standup Comedy]  German Concentration Camps Factual Survey (2017) [720p] - On 29 September 1945, the incomplete rough-cut of a disturbing yet compelling documentary revealing the horrors of the Nazi concentration camp  True Facts: The Lemur | zefrank1 [5:54]  Internet Comment Etiquette: "Quora VS Yahoo! Answers" [11:34]  Her Smell - Official Trailer - Elisabeth Moss, Cara Delevingne, Amber Heard, Eric Stoltz - A self-destructive punk rocker struggles with sobriety while trying to recapture the creative inspiration tha  Car wash attendant  Dude Gets Knocked Tf Out In Street Boxing  Kitten Heaven [7:12]  [USA][NY] Snow brings out the stupid  [UAE] Idiot Driving a Minivan Hits Pedestrians on Cross Walk Then Flips Over  YNW Melly Loses His Mind On Genius  The Castletown Donkey Derby of 1994 (worth every minute!)  "My Safe Word is Pineapple Juice".  [Poetry] classy woman interrupted by rude sheep  How 1950s Westerns Made Star Trek  The Roman War Machine (1999) [544p] - Rome was just another city until it discovered the secrets of warfare. Once they perfected the art of combat, the Romans exerted their influence from Asia to the   Street fight in the hood ends with walking back knock out  Making a pair of elevated dog feeding stands [5:18]  Guy leaves shopping cart in front of my car [USA]  This channel edits scenes from The Simpsons to make them extremely dark and edgy.  She loves drugs, but cannot sign the Protocol at the police office.  [CA] [USA] Hitting a Tree After a Semi Hit it First  The Closed History of Volcano: The Blast Coaster - Kings Dominion | Expedition Theme Park [10:06]  'I Am A Candidate': The 2020 Race Begins | TIME [07:59]  Hard morning wood  McDonald's ad w/Ronald McDonald & his flying hamburger (1967)  I am HISS! No touch HISS! I will HISS! You will regret... HISS!  Michael Jackson Hits The King Of Pop Elbow Drop And Moonwalk DDT  Waifu Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Waifus | Price Points  [Haiku] He's Lookin' For Geeks & Nerds  Brexit III: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver  Man Can't Stop Laughing in Vape-Pipe Review  Building the 1/700 Flyhawk model of the battleship Bismark [29:38]  The Maestro | 2019 | Official Trailer  The Greatest Pizza Delivery Man Ever  Nicolas Cage tells the best stories  [Poetry] How Youtube Security Deals With Videos That Sexually Exploit Children  [Poetry] Captain Ice  A Grin Without a Cat (1977) Part 1 of 2 - French essay film by Chris Marker. It focuses on global political turmoil in the 1960s and '70s, particularly the rise of the New Left in France and the devel  A promo for Millionaire Dogs on Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theater. A 1999 German animated film(2005)  Starship Troopers (1988) - this anime adaptation of a Robert Heinlein novel was made 9 years before Paul Verhoeven's movie. Released in 6 parts. Japanese audio, English subtitles.  (1984) Andrew Lloyd Webber created a pitch video for Phantom of the Opera teo yers before the musical debuted. Sarah Brightman as Christine, and Steve Harley as The Phantom  For all you juggalos and juggalettes  Guy punches a Turning Point USA man filming at UC Berkley  [Poetry] Reggie Fils-Aime says goodbye  A guy spinning an old lady  60 habbits to become happy  how to do the moonwalk in runescape  Frodo Douchebaggins  The best of Adam Hills' 2013 stand-up comedy show Happyism, featuring Katherine the sign language interpreter. [10:54]  [Haiku] I'm going to die here aren't I?  Top 3 Underrated Animals (Feat. Vsauce3) [7:25]  kids film themselves eating steak stew for 3 minutes [79 views] [2014]  Doc Martens - World of Feet Campaign (2001)  The Genie  My cat brings her toy to me and politely yet firmly asks me to play  Beats Antique - Revival (Surreal Expressionism)  Stridex "Zits On-Line" Commercial (1997)  Slitting Saw Arbor [16:00]  Oprah! PMRC / "PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT CONTENT" :: Ice T, Jello Biafra, and more talk about music and Tipper Gore's push for censorship (1990)  Cathay Pacific commercial (1992)  An absolutely beautiful performance on a 12-string guitar: 2 years old, ~900 views.  "Ladder Chatter," 8 years old with 1000 views  I'm the king of bongo bong  ARS clip.mov Posted in 2010 with 620 views  [USA] Honda minivan narrowly avoids getting crushed by Kia minivan  Ever wonder where film crews get massive amounts of vintage electronics for movie sets? It’s from places like this.  Cat Party, 9 years old [620 views]  Woops! - Episode 8 "Dumb Love" (1992)  Mickey's Gala Premier (1933) Mickey Mouse short featuring animated cameos from Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, the Marx Brothers, Boris Karloff, Greta Garbo, and many, many more.  Commercial for Generra Hyper Color Shirts (shirts that change color with heat) (1991)  Japanese promotional video for the Nintendo 64DD (1997)  [Haiku] A reliable source of news  Kyle Mooney from SNL awkward interviews  [USA][TN][OC] Mirrors are for the weak!  "braaaaaap" - A man pretending to drive a bike ~280 views  Inside Japan's Chicano Subculture  Nerdy teenager reviews a tactical ramen noodle hoodie - 9k views  EURYTHMICS - SWEET DREAMS (COVER) he cant sing for his life but his moves and his vibe is weirdly captivating  Recorder player dedicates life to hip-hop  Students make Johnnie Walker commercial as film project - turns into gut wrenching feels trip  [Poetry] The Legend Of Korra - 37 Dicks  [Haiku] How to get rid of yourself  [Poetry] Nicholas Cage goes for a Sunday drive  Pigeon likes watching movies )  One of the best blow for blow fights on youtube ?  Naked Tango (1990) [480p]  [Poetry]Swiffer Morty  Near death captured by camera - Vol11  Lenny mclean The Guvnor Vs Mad Gypsy Bradshaw 1986 (best quality)  The Burka-nater.........68 views  Forecast for my Week  This guy hilariously raps about just how exhausting small talk is  EP73: Derek Mills – Using Daily Standards To Achieve Your Goals  Faust to go (Goethe in 9 minutes, English version)  Understanding Aqualung [9:42]  Binging with Babish: Bao from Pixar's Bao [7:12]  [USA][FL][OC] Bad Drivers of South Florida episode 3 is released. (Warning. It’s 39 minutes long)  Star Command (1996) [480p]  REACTING TO CRINGE TIK TOKS  One episode of a five-part series of a man falling into a body of water.  Guy yelling at cat in slowmotion  Family Guy FCC song self-made music video. 9.4k views two years old.  Pakour master... Not  Manolo goes to Biketober.  [USA] Moving to the left lane, it is raining, I'm a silver car... what could go wrong?  A sequal for a skit I made a couple months ago called 13 and EDGY, enjoy! (WARNING: Slightly offensive content)  Game of Thrones: Last Storm and Field of Fire - Aegon's Conquest Documentary [18:44]  [USA][MA] 2 Idiots, 1 Light Cycle  [USA][MA] Fedex Driver Parks In Intersection  Reacting to Feminist Cringe compilations #2 *Hope you enjoy ;)*  The jumpshot that cant be patched!  Short documentary of a drunk mullet man at the county dirt racing track in 1994  Racoon Demonstrates Problem Solving Skills | Runtime 2 minutes  Disney pulls all YouTube ads after Matt Watson's "Child Exploitation on Youtube" video  Reggie Fils-Aime is Retiring  [Meme] U Got That | Chika Version  Monkey Fights Man - Funny Monkey Attack Human Video  DIY Home Decor Idea  [USA] Police chase ends in crash right next to cammer  [USA][MA] Inattentive driver almost runs me off the highway after not checking blind spot  [Haiku] Galaxy Fold really looks good  Falling asleep on their first ride...  As funny as it's troubling  Garlic Parmesan Knots  [Meme] Red Dead Redemption 2's opening cinematic switched to first person  Jussie Smollett Arrested | Jussie Smollett Upset Over Salary  A comedic analysis of sports 😂😂😂  Send this to someone who can’t make fried rice! Back in my kitchen again for another informal comedy cooking video!  Masters of the Fountain Pen:Harumi Tanaka  Computer Image Corporation (1975) Demo Reel  [Haiku] When you see a small cat  [Haiku] Tight Fit  Desus and Mero Get Smacked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones  Contagious laughter wait for it  CSIS Energy and National Security Program Oil Market Update: Searching for Stability  Go Back 1 Day: Wednesday, February 20, 2019