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All Videos: Saturday, October 20, 2018

  "Time Masters"(1982)  Cars on the highway driving side-by-side with a speeding steam locomotive.  This guy has a Kermit puppet and barks at his dog while doing a Kermit impression.  Ninja Turtle jacking off  Guy records a low quality country song about his wife that left him. Somewhat creepy.  [Haiku] Teeth Rattler  [Haiku] Beat my meat  Don't Disrespect My Daughter Larry  [USA][MD][OC] Rear end collisions  [OC] [USA] [TX] I gave courtesy taps!  Crazy woman gets arrested at Planet Fitness. She did say she was going to kill him after attacking him  Eggtag  1971 Ski-Doo Elan Restoration [21:33]  girl with scotch tape on her face (19 views, 2 years old)  A product of it's time  [Haiku] Samuel L Jackson Has Had Enough  [Poetry] El Sonidito de yoshi  Booing! In Peoples Ears Prank  Adorable pup sticks out tongue every time he hears toy squeak  “This is very bad...”(the magic show starts at 5:45)  Monster Ballads commercial (1999)---Oddly used to play on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network a ton back in the day.  Everything 80's Compilation CD Commercial (1994)---Seemed a little early for 80s nostalgia.  [UK] Coach overtaking cyclist against oncoming traffic and then cutting up cars and a boat on a roundabout. [OC]  The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Secret Warp Song!  What makes fingerprints so unique?  Quick and Easy Authentic Paneer Pulao | Recipe by Mother's Own  I like my BBQ with a side of crazy  [USA][CA][OC]Spy Prius - License Plate Reader  Anime VS. Manga  Pakistani Street Food in karachi | 65 Years Old Chana Chaat Shop  Non Stop Sandwich Maker | People Are Crazy For Chicken Sandwich  An animated music video of Publicly Funded - "Online" (Animated by Jae)  channel with some meme videos and weird game footage, still seems active  HEADPHONES INDEED  Astray Ray Ep.1: Rayality  [Poetry] Halloween Costumes  Michael Emerson's portrayal of Benjamin Linus in Lost is easily one of the best acted characters in tv history  Seth Rogan, Danny McBride, and Elijah Wood as the Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise  Ghetto Woman uses a taser on two ghetto girls and the end result is priceless.  AWESOME FIGHT . The best I've seen in like weeks.  [USA] A very confused wrong way driver....  [USA] Another driver that can cannot use his eyes...  [UK] Why is everyone going the wrong way?  Apple-Pencil test (1988) (LaserDisc 1080p rip)  "Waffle House: Jukebox Favorites Vol. 1" A collection of original songs written for Waffle House jukeboxes. (1999)  Independent State Of Croatia: Dead Silence (2016)"The third and last part of the documentary film on NDH speaks of the fates of Serbian children and why for years after World War II there were no chil  US Air Force (1964) Crystal Technology - Frequencies  NYPD: TRUE STORIES Documentary (1999)  Hot diggity damn - 17 seconds 600 views from 10 years ago  OLD RAP VS NEW RAP [42:48]  [Haiku] Cute smiling dogs  [USA] [NJ] Car makes a lane and runs a red  The gang reenacts a scene from seinfeld. (The Contest)  9 years old, shaky yet oddly cinematic camera work.  Note By Note: The Making Of Steinway L1037 (2007) | Spending over a year charting the process by which Steinway & Sons manufactures one of its concert grand pianos. [1:20:40]  Not in Vein - A documentary examining the opioid crisis in the USA. How the drugs get here and the devastation they bring to countless American families. (2018)  Imma keep it G Real. Today I got time cuz.  [Poetry] when your friends want to go see a band but you don’t really know them  [Haiku] Caress it  [OC][USA][IN]Wind rips off a gas stations roof  Japanese engineering Mastermind creates a new alarm "clock"  Dissection of a human brain. [7:07]  A surreal and unsettling edit of Pingu. 3k views.  I Dont Even Know  Meowing In Girl's Ears Prank  The punny story of the word Migraine  Senator Mitch McConnell Confronted at Restaurant by Angry Customer  What a piece of shit (not sure if this is a repost).  Sovereign Citizen Arrested Again, Loses Car Window!!  [USA] Lane Splitter  A quality depiction of being high in public (Limmy's Show)  Wood-turning a bowl  The Gang Gets Into A Little Tussle  Awkward Handshake in Korean Drama  Hilarious ASMR parody!  EPCOT Food and Wine Festival (2018)  The Causes Of The American Civil War - Documentary (2018)  HEATWAVE - Growler's Too Hot! - Stuffed Animal Comedy Series [12:56]  [Meme] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Execution Scene  Beyond the Rising Moon (1987) [360p]  Deathproof (2007) [720p]  Underrated Empires  I get brake checked next to a semi [USA] [UT] [OC]  MVI 4760, 24 views, Older women exercise/dance to music with batons  Twilight fanfiction(??)  In a Paris high school a student threatens his teacher with a gun over attendance  Tfw you try to be the good neighbor after blocking them  'I will kill you!' screams outraged woman at Planet Fitness... over tootsie rolls  [Haiku] What The Hell Are You??  Toroflux paradox: making things (dis)appear with math [24:22]  The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein Full Documentary HD. (2015). From childhood to his death. {1.29 mints}  Henry Mancini Cover - A Shot in the Dark - The Coffin Daggers (2011) A Halloweeny version of the classic movie theme.  [OC][USA][UT] Woah!!!  These guys need help with the ladies  [OC][USA]Showoff does a barrel-roll in new civic full of passengers.  Chris isaak live performance of wicked game-1995  Dog and wild bears getting along in Russian wilderness [x-post /r/aww]  Learn how to break down a lobster  Kept seeing this ad for a retractable bo staff, but here's a more "honest" commercial  Mr. Stitches Trailer (2009, 28,563 views) - A very strange attempt at horror(?)  Some weird video I found thats about 3 years old of a guy in a shark costume on a pool table.  Spinning Metal - Part 2! - GODOX Strobe Reflector Build [14:40]  Italian pastry chef prepares French patisserie (Éclairs, Paris-Brest and Beignets) [english subtitles] [10:06]  Plain crash gone wrong  A Video Game by Plato [11:49]  How taffy is made [8:43]  EPIC POLICE DRIVING FAILS, POLICE CAR CRASH COMPILATION 2018  Mob Assaults Gay Journalist at Political Rally  [Ireland][OC] Taxi compilation!  [Netherlands] That's why you're not allowed to turn left onto that minor road  Women abandoning child on stranger's door caught on a door camera  Obese Dachshund loses 50 pounds  Strange Love - Mary Kay Letourneau’s forbidden love (2018) | A follow-up of the infamous 1997 case, wherein then-35-year-old married mother of 4 and elementary school teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau, c  The Belgium Tea Party.  pot-head “All Star” parody  This rap video concept probably seemed a lot cooler in their minds.  Happily married: starring my parents  WCGW-If i make my own Wasp/bee suit.  Woman debates man from the hood of a car  Gavin McInnes/Proud Boy Protesters Say "Antifa Doesn't Attack Anyone"  [Poetry]Things Couldn't Get Any Worse  In honor of the Mega Millions reaching $1.6 Billion  Joe reveals his identity - Meet Joe Black (1998)  Total recall - The people who remember every second of their life  Jay Leno makes fun of minimum wage workers at university homecoming  What happens if you play the Soviet anthem during the Inauguration of your student President.  Loyal Citizens of Pyongyang in Seoul (2018) - A documentary on the world of DPRK defectors and South Korean Intelligence. [37m]  The first one is epic  Guy splits his Mustang in half during street race and walks away.  How not to defend atheism  [Poetry] dinosaur with glasses dancing  STEEL Vs. ALLOY WHEELS Which One Is Stronger? Hydraulic Press Test!  After realizing nobody hit the lotto last night.  [OC][USA] Brother in law borrowed my wife's car. He didn't know there was a dashcam recording...  Fried Chicken.... 🐔 🍗 🐓 [11:12]  Funny story behind the word migraine  A high school student threatens his teacher with a airsoft pistol, so that he marked "present"  Realistic Games 2019  The Long Day Closes (1992) [360p]  Can't believe what these dogs and cats are doing lok  How to edit photos in Lightroom (get pro results for your thumbnails!)  I decided to make something easy and quick that everyone can make. Comment down below what's your favorite kind of breakfast  Stalingrad: The Forgotten Tendie Skirmishes. (9k views)  The Massacre On Martin & 3rd [19:56]  A Guy Interviews Several People In Order To Find Out Why Do People Like Exercise[11:27]  This Bubbly Musician's Journey to Write Her Next Song by Drawing Inspiration From Her Fans [6:40]  La Bodeguita DEL MEDIO. YOU must visit bar at Havana. [5:14]  Kingdom of Heaven review: Historical Inaccuracies and Accuracies: Part 1[40:59]  Generation A: What Next For Afghanistan? (2018) 50 minutes [cc] Regarding Education; Instructors and Facilities  IN EXILE (2016)  Military Organization -The History of Division Part 1 - The Age of Gunpowder - Documentary (2018)  Brian Deneke documentary (2000)  Elon Musks Secret Invention! [Haiku]  [Haiku] Teen Titans Kill Batman's Parents  Sovereign Citizen Arrested, Right To Travel Fail!  The Rise of "Live" Video. (Why It Matters in Society) [5:28]  [USA][OC] Careless lane-changer undeterred by vigorous honk  [USA][FL][OC] In Florida a traffic light is merely a suggestion  National Geographic Host touches the Australian Gympie-Gympie plant  Just a relaxing 24/7 stream of a train drivers view  What were: German plans to invade America?  The Morning After Midterms  Kid doing some skits [6 years, 3800 views]  Brandy, you're a fine girl: played on a homemade calliope.  [Haiku] Little girl scared of pumpkin!  [Poetry] Ghost Provokers  Attempting to make a ferrofluid [22:38]  But Here's What REALLY Happened: The History of Clue (the film) [23:47]  I trained the Splits for 90 Days! Here are my results | 90-Day Splits Challenge [5:18]  Mini full veg meals prepared  Ninja defuses, AWP shots, Silver logic and more!  It's sound!  2CELLOS - Game of Thrones [Live at Sydney Opera House]  Mike Shinoda performs In The End while crowd sings Chesters part  Rage Against the Machine - Sleep Now in the Fire (Hultsfred)  BUILD A BEAUTIFUL 240L AQUASCAPE - INSPIRATION, HARDSCAPE, LAYOUT  Weird Korean Dragon Ball movie (still better than Dragonball Evolution)  ZOOLAND - FUNNY ANIMALS VINES #2 🐶 🐱 🐭🐰 🐮 🐷 🐼 🐨 🐯🐻  [Poetry]War does not change!  [Poetry] Blood  [Haiku] Table Tennis  [Haiku] 𝐎𝐎𝐅  [Poetry] GAMER RAGE  The people who remember every second of their life - Total recall | 60 Minutes Australia (2018)  Pontypool (2008) [360p] hardcoded Spanish subtitles  Man who had his lego stolen 2 weeks ago update video  What Is The ARV & Why Is This Number Super Important  The Coastline Paradox Explained  Painting an 800 Square foot room with Razzle Dazzle Camouflage  Headless chicken twerking. That is all  Senidah - Timelapse drawing  patpatpatpat -GASP- (469 views - 2013)  Suburban boy duel wielding swords in his front yard. 620 views.  it should be like this last battle of Naruto and Sasuke  Girls fighting on the road in Russia  Rich Hall's California Stars (2014). Rich Hall examines the history & culture of the Golden State and its impact on american culture. (1:28:48)  A Final Warning: Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence and Future A.I.Robots (2018)  Charlyne Yi's impression of a turtle  A MIDI of Piano Man, but it spells out Piano Man. All done by hand by me.  Sorry for your loss?  Best Funny Donald trump Video| Trump News | Episode- 1  Drunk Fails Compilation #10  Poor Greek woman doesn't know the meaning of the word "representative". Make sure subtitles are on.  [Meme] This is my jam  Dani Rodrik – From Globalization To Hyper-Globalization and Back  Stand Still, Be Fit (1995) | This documentary, originally aired on Britain's channel 4 in the 90's, introduced the ancient art of 'Zhan Zhuang' to the western world. Millions of people around the worl  Frank Howarth, Chop With Chris - Modern & Traditional Wooden Bowl Making Techniques.  Voldemort Sculpture [2:58]  A scene from the movie "Anus Magillicutty"  Funny fishing video  Tourettes vs Eggs  This YouTuber has been making funny, informative videos for 17 months and has 160 subs, so he made this video: 3 tips to AVOID blowing up on YouTube  Guild leader loses it for several minutes after yet another progression wipe in Icecrown Citadel. This was the best guild on Gilneas at the time. (World of Warcraft).  Naruto, the Self-Made Hypocrite. [42:11]  How Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Went From Missing to 'Likely Dead' | Wall Street Journal [5:18]  SFI Community Lecture - Sid Redner - Randomness Everywhere  Slavoj Žižek. Capitalism and its Threats. 2018  Prof D. Eric Smith - Inevitable Life ?  [UK] Illegal U-turn - 2 Motorcycles make her turn hell  [USA] Road Rage captured on Tesla Model 3 Dash Cam  Ratchet Catfight Goes Multiple Rounds, Side Skirmish Erupts and Ends with Epic Sparta Kick  Outclassed Female Absorbs Over A Dozen Shots To The Face  Adam Sandler Predicted his Success!  Noticed a buncha Antifa sympathizers here, so here's that Proud Boy that gave one of them brain damage to tick them off.  Brexit: Recovery of Sovereignty or Loss or Rights? Geoffrey Nice QC, Emeritus Professor of Law  Steven Pearlstein - Can American capitalism survive? - 67 min  Dahi Chicken  I can’t stop laughing with them  [17:36] This guy is amazing.  Quasimodo Face  A guy acting like a monkey then abrupty cutting to him showering. 29 views  [Meme] I can describe it in one word...  Interesting rolling bridge in NZ  A guy dancing to Black Skinhead by Kanye West an beatboxing it. He also has a pumpkin on his head for some reason. (1156 views)  [Haiku] food review  The Specials - A Message To You Rudy  Meanwhile, South Of Canada ...  NO STIR POLENTA With Mushrooms | Quick And Easy  At 5 am this was funny; Housemen says 'Making Kimchi must be done together' [Mr. House Husband / 2016.12.06]  Secrets of the Death Star  When girls fight  The World's First Laptop - Epson HX-20 / HC-20 [15:11]  [USA][KY][OC] A very confused wrong way driver  Macaroni and potted meat on a budget  The comments.  Workers are so fast in Making Dulhan Paratha On Pakistani Streets  The Antikythera Mechanism Episode 9 - Making The Epicyclic Pin and Slot Gearing [17:17]  The Washing Machine - 4 years, 7,549 views  Johnny Test Theme Live Cover  Possibly the ANGRIEST person to ever be recorded on the internet.  Guy sets up motion activated sprinklers to deter tourists from relieving themselves in his yard  [Haiku] Alexa Whisper Mode  Deception:A backpacking adventure that wasn't. [06:14]  spider dance  This town in Finland uses slogan “Experience nothing.” to promote tourism.  Just an ordinary day being a Duck Dad  [Haiku] SHE IS VERY GORGEOUS TO ME  They should have arrested him for speeding, which he admits to at the start  How to make Coca Cola Powder [9:15]  How to cook Rice in a cooker| Steamed Rice  Man receives giant magnet in the mail  Leather Journal with Gold Inlay  Creepy caterpillars...  me dipping  How to cook McDonald's, Chicken McNuggets part 2 11:08 PM (2009, 1821 views)  Wattstax (1:39:06) - A documentary about the Stax Records concert on the 7th anniversary of the Watts, LA riots (1973)  [Poetry] Kanye on Polaroid  [Meme] New Marvel Crossover Movie Announced  PIMP Official Trailer (2018) Keke Palmer, Haley Ramm, Drama Movie HD  The West Wing - Our Partners in Peace  Louis CK made a joke that kind of backfired in a very ironic way  TAG The Assassination Game  Foolproof  97% Owned - How is Money Created (2012)  100 Facts About Me! (Emma Marie) [15:47]  How To Make Powerful Hydraulic Press [6:53]  The History of TASBot and Tool-Assisted Speedrunning, Part 2 (SGDQ 2018 Panel Special Presentation) [10:36]  Jean Shepherd Live In Concert at the Clinton Museum (1977) [1:29:38] [Potato Vision] ~ NJPTV Channel 52 Trenton New Jersey Public Television  [USA] [OC] Maryland Bad Driving Compilation  [USA] Airplane lands on San Diego highway.  Phil's a Jets fan  Four friends play a game of Pictionary (starts at 12:30)  Watching These Two Guys React to Bill Burr is Everything You Want Out of a Reaction Video  Old but Gold. Reading Festival Crowd ft. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams  The most erotic of all hammocks  Money eating dog  Most minimalistic guitar piece (9 years 4k views)  Some weird British dude riding down on a plastic car and hurting his crotch  The ABCs of Sonic Original Characters *CRINGE*  10 Documentaries That Lied To You (2018)  How to use 'emotional intelligence' to beat SADNESS and DEPRESSION  Swedish security guard takes on two people with ease  This is why I always sit in the back when riding Uber  Hard 'N Phirm "Pi" Dir: Keith Schofield (2005) - Oldskool edubeats  It's Tricky Flicky (2007)  The Beatbox Chef (2007)  [USA] Pickup gets hit trying to make left at busy intersection  The holidays are fast approaching  Wobbly Sausage!  This explained how stupid these people really are, had some trouble understanding what their argument was... Spoiler - there is no argument.  bedtime pepe infomercial  This got me dead,LOL.  The Smoothest Moonwalk ever  I've been a Los Angeles background extra for almost 2 years now. Here is everything i've been in so far  [Haiku] Spooky Dude  [USA][NJ] Driver runs red light then yells at merging traffic  [USA][CA][OC] This is my exit!  Right to Say No (1987) - Anti-drug PSA  These Are the Damned (1963) [240p]  Hope (2013) [720p] (eng-sub)  The Robot Revolution: The New Age of Manufacturing (2018)  Byze Doesn't Get on the Tank  Man lathers himself in horseradish - 4 year, 137 views  hey martha  Migrants force through fence as they try to cross border into Mexico  Octopus Jig Tipperary style  The Curse of La Llorona (2019) Teaser Trailer #1  [Haiku] 今日はビッチェズ  Go Back 1 Day: Friday, October 19, 2018