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All Videos: Wednesday, April 24, 2019

  SPORTS  The Tuba Song (Uploaded May 6 2019, 3910 views)  The Life of Terry Davis - Creator of TempleOS [12:09]  what's good my boy  [USA] Suicide gap claims yet another victim  [USA][OH][OC] Instant karma for this driver who was driving without their lights on. Most satisfying clip I've recorded yet.  Orca pod conversation in San Juan Islands (volume up)  [Poetry] Classic PS2 Start-up sound (nostaligic...)  A simple, well rounded look at the benefits of psychedelic drugs [9:43]  Some metal band’s? music video  Easy Caramel Pudding | Caramel pudding without oven | Flan | Creme Caramel  Public Freakout At CiCi's. All I heard before this was "she just called me a bitch!"  We all got issues!!  Egg Bread - Korean street food.  [Poetry] Controversial worship pastor.  dont drive like this (2019)  BEGIN Japanology - Department Stores (2016) | A relaxing documentary on a slice of Japanese culture. Whole series is amazing.  The Class ("The Office" parody)[10:14]  Buying the CHEAPEST violin on AMAZON for $30 - is it any good? [15:36]  Mcleod Landfill Radio Jingle (1980)s A radio commercial made for Glencoe MN's McLeod Landfill. Hearing a happy sounding group of women singing about a landfill is quite strange, which is why this litt  A video about biscuits  Former high school bully is mad that he’s being “reverse bullied” in adult life  Man cuts off and then illegally detains cyclist until his friends come to bully him  [USA][OR]Look before changing lanes? Naw. Double dumbass.  Fighting Raw in the Streets and Swinging for the Finish in 2019  The Cable That United The World  [Haiku] Out of Focus  Funny Videos Animals Guess The Ending / Atlanture  **Enhanced Video** Bridgeport, CT Police Deparment TNT - Arrest Video - Professionally Enhanced  Racism experiment done by Jane Elliot in a class room after the MLK Jr. Assassination [14:37]  池北線 (1989)  The Banana Man  Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn  Minecraft With Ray-tracing  The Tale of Zatoichi (1962), 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film that kicked off the blind swordsman franchise  When that girl you jumped shows up at your job...  Friends of woman with a DUI, just after killing a college student, harass cameraman and police officers  Dr. Phil Reveals Polygraph Results for a Man Accused of Molesting His Step-Grandson  [Haiku] Preparing The Danny Patty  Airpods [Poetry]  That Time Magnum P.I. and Murder, She Wrote Did A Crossover [11:36]  Call an ambulance  Two Tuscaloosa police officers on leave after controversial arrest  Woman claims to not be a creepy puppet woman- but is.  I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958) [360p]  The Intruder (1962) [360p]  Believe me,this is happy cat  Heres a extremly random but so funny video clip,34sec only no click bait!  Exceptionally normal country.  [Poetry]Finding Waldo  Behind The Label (2018) - Documentary exploring how sustainable Fashion is [23:48]  This weird ARG daily life drama just took a turn for the sci-fi. Here is the "first act" to catch up. [17:24]  HOTEL SUBURBIA EPS 2 (1983)  The star of NBC shows in (1985) sing “Let’s All Be There”  Moana is a communist. 724 views.  A Classic for the Ages: Pancake Mix  IMG 0020 - Toilet Drill Machine (LOUD NOISE)  Greenwashing: A Fiji Water Story  [Poetry] How to make Velcro silent!  Killing Patient Zero (2019) Clearing the Name of Gaetan Dugas, The Man Unfairly Blamed for Bringing AIDS To America (Trailer)  The Future Of Inclusive Design Is Here (2019): Christina Annika Mallon was diagnosed with a variant of ALS that caused both her arms to be paralyzed. She designed an adaptive dressing for paralyzed wo  Man At Arms: Reforged - Sword of Kahless [15:11]  Guy Hires Fiverr Musicians to finish a song [10:15]  Polish comedy group "DNO" parodying Jean-Michel Jarre's concerts by showing how the whole display of fireworks and lasers would look like with lower budget (2013)  This is terrible...  [USA] Distracted driver rear ends cammer  [USA] Cammer and Sedan both run the red, head on accident  [USA] Rav4 makes a sudden aim for cammer  Phil Mickelson hilariously cutting off Tiger Woods first tee introduction  [Poetry] Can't Miss  [Haiku] Winnie the Pooh meets Solid Snake  [Poetry] edgar allan poe dummy thick  Made 4 years ago with 175 views.  Psycho Killer [Haiku]  I have nothing to say...  In Search of Easter (2004) - Journey back to ancient Jerusalem to investigate the mystery of Easter. National Geographic Documentary  Trampoline Fails | "I Need Some Help!" | Funny Fails Compilation  Final Fight Arcade1UP Cabinet REVIEW - Worth The Money? | RGT 85 [14:56]  (1995) Bootleg Russian TV broadcast of "The Twisted Tails of Felix the Cat", using a VHS recording off CBS's airing of the show (complete with an annoucement for TMNT "coming up next" during the credi  The whole exchange  White lady with binoculars spying on black family. Man wants to ask her “why?” but before he can confront her she yells RAPE!  Pro CS Plays  Going to the DEADTREE'S FOREST.  [S&M] Memes Compilation №2 (meme awards)  Inside a dishwasher  I'm an Uber driver in Alaska and saw this old, homeless man walking in sub-zero temperatures. Here's the ride I gave him.  Easter Bunny whales on guy attacking woman on street  [Haiku] mario theme  [HAIKU] Ten Second Talent  How to Make the Best Corned Beef at Home  Tupac’s hologram + fruit by the foot + Bourne soundtrack  SLAPPING A DOG by Slapping it ALL  Go Go Gadget Helicopter  EPIC Yugioh Parody  Billie Eilish - ilomilo (cover by Funanya)  [Poetry] Just a Normal Neutral Milk Hotel Cover  [Poetry]People who flex their money  Michael Jackson: Endgame  Tropic Thunder stands to have one of the best opening scenes in film history.  A Brief History of Home Video Rental (2019) chronicling the advent of video tape and how it revolutionized the way we consume media  Old but gold: A cop absolutely NOT playing along with the SovCit's little game.  Recording of Daniel Malmedahl imitating a two-stroke engine. These sounds would later be remixed and become the phenomenon that was Crazy Frog (1997)  (1965) Martha Reeves & The Vandella perform "Nowhere To Run" in a Ford Mustang factory.  Massive Dust-Storm Lahore | PAKISTAN  DC's Swamp Thing  [UK] "Keep to the side of the road! You're not a car!" As a bicycle symbol is right in front of their car.  Kronk makes toast with Bear in the Big Blue House (69 views)  Kid shitting himself on live stream  [Haiku] Moves like Ali  [Meme] mining in minecraft  [Haiku] Yes and no  Tomorrow is the Perfect Date, April 25th. It's not too hot, not too cold... All you need is a light jacket.  The Rockefellers (2000) [544p] - With unprecedented access to the Rockefeller family and their archives, explores the paradoxical lives of this fabled dynasty. Using revealing home movies, archival fo  Everything we know about black holes so far (2019)  Nintendo 3DS Games Facts - Did You Know Gaming Feat. Dazz (Pokemon, Mario + More) [12:24]  The Man Who Had To Prove In Court That He's Alive [9:30]  10 Tips For Writing Dialogue: Character Voice  "ВОБЛА" Fishing and Fried fish  Are you feeling unmotivated/uninspired to do anything? I been there and am sharing 6 helpful ways to get out of a rut.  There’s something in the bathroom  [USA][Oregon] Shitty mom throws an object at my car from her balcony and then blames her child  MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Secret Ending (True Story Mode Ending) MK11  Funny Fails #6 || April 2019 || [Comedy Gold]  Catch-22 Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original  I've always been too nervous to post any videos of my singing online, despite being told repeatedly that I should. So here goes: One of my all-time favorite songs for my older brother's lovely wedding  How to make ice cream from Breast milk  A nice family trip  [poetry] there’s something in the bathroom  Strange Vacuum Hair Cutting Machine Commercial  Industry on Parade (1953) an episode of a TV short series aired in the 50's The show promotes capitalist industrial production and typically ends with an anti communist message.  How China Trains the World’s Autocrats to Surveil Their People | NYT [12:32]  Just Plain Racist [18:25]  Chef Tries To Create the Perfect Pizza Dough [37:27]  Herd you were talkin shit  Kid Runs Off With Annoying Preacher Ladies Sign. (Students Cheer)  [Canada][ON][OC]Hyper aggressive woman passes on opposite lane  German anchorman can't stop laughing due to the name Helmut Poppen ("Poppen" in German means to fuck)  Two guys exploring cities on Google Maps  Pretending his closet is a night club and he’s the bouncer  Video of johnny Horton Jr. in 2009. For context, he was in the news for running a militia that would take illegal immigrants hostage at the New Mexico border.  Jazz Court l alt.news 26:46  BEST VINES OF APRIL / Funny Video Compilation 2019  Steamed Hams but put through google translate 10 times  Prehistoric Predators of the Ice Age North America - (2007)  EGX Rezzed London (2019) - Highlights & Interviews | SmackTrek 003 (German Video / English Interviews) (10:52 min)  India’s Elections Last For 39 Days. Here’s Why. | NYT News (2019) - India’s election is the largest in the world. With roughly 900 million eligible voters, polling is a challenge.  Mortal Kombat 11 Secret Ending (True Story Mode Ending) MK11 [14:48]  How a Michelin-Starred Seoul Restaurant Is Modernizing Korean Palace Dining — K-Town [7:56]  People are Manipulating You on Facebook - Smarter Every Day [22:33]  WCGW if we don’t plan for drainage when building a parking garage in Texas.  Finding the Perfect Pizza Dough - Bon Appetit test kitchen  Bourne / Tupac / Fruit by the Foot  Sound guy licks reporters ear  Not A Pleasant Bike Ride Home  [USA][DC][OC] “But It Doesn’t Say ‘No U-Turn’”  [USA][CA][OC] Driver throws lit cigarette out his window  How China Trains the World’s Autocrats to Surveil Their People | NYT  This made me almost cry to funny lmao  Hand cut woodworking joinery to help you poop. Don't ask why; ask why not!  Slightly Unhinged Man talks to his camera  [Poetry] fat juul rip  [Haiku] What's Up  How Car Dealerships Rip You Off  Sexopolo by Edward Porembny (2001) "A docu-drama about Polish pornography. Selected for 41st International Krakow Film Festival."  20 Ways to Clean Your House Fast [15:10]  Vince Gilligan on Writing Breaking Bad [11:59]  Simple as Zucchini,,,  Interviewer mistakes Cobie Smulders for Evangeline Lilly  [USA][NYC] Solid Red Light Confuses Driver  [USA][NYC] Almost got into 2 accidents within 2 minutes  [USA][IL][OC] Drunk driver causes major accident on 290 in Illinois  Hayao Miyazaki and the Art of Ambivalence | Big Joel  Best Funny Videos of Tik Tok Compilation 2019 #2  Candidate suggestion from "the man who sees ufos" guy  African(?) guy dances in silence  Dick nose guy plays music  When Hitler's favourite song comes on😂  How to ace a TV interview: by Richard Ayoade & Quentin Tarantino | Channel 4 News  Ethics and the Fashion Industry (2019) - Activists are calling for fashion based on ethical principles.  Hayao Miyazaki and the Art of Ambivalence | Big Joel [11:59]  PBS Monstrum - The Original Headless Horseman [5:59]  How They Wrote Breaking Bad (Behind The Scenes with Vince Gilligan) [11:59]  Why so serious?  Inspecting the Da Vinci Exhibition  Class of Nuke'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown (1991) [1080p] Something weird for Wednesday  Ten Steps to make Sunday the most productive night of the week  Century 21  My wife before her Gamma Knife Treatment for Stage 4 Cancer(Melanoma in her Brain)  Amazing marble music machine  Choose Camry  [Haiku] Every Drunk Girl on Snapchat  [Poetry] #JustJapaneseThings  [Haiku] I love using Metronome.  you're such a good [poetry]  German satirist gives us an entertaining and eye-opening history lesson about the US, the middle east and terrorism [44:08]  CATCH-22 Official Trailer #2 (2019) George Clooney, Kyle Chandler Series HD  Never be satisfied. When you have reached your goals set new ones. Continous improvement is very important in obtaining constant results & success!  Instagrammers Are Killing This Field Of Poppies (HBO)  Danish politicians play catch with a quran to raise awareness of islamic intolerance and violence - proved right within seconds  "No Joystick Allowed" - How pannenkoek2012 and Parallel Universes Can Help Us Understand Video Games  This is the funniest game I've ever played.  Tom Segura's Dad laughing at Blonde Jokes  Martin from Wintergatan has been working on what has become an amazing accomplishment for the YouTube maker community for over a year and it’s almost complete! Do yourself a favor and deep dive into  Muslim Spider-man debates Black Hebrew Israelites in Times Square NYC  Donald & Melania Trump dance to Spinal Tap's 'Sex Farm'  Old man reacts to Sleep Patterns by Merchant Ships - <7k views  Stingray vs. DJ $EX - Welcome To The Stingzone (5,000 views)  15-second Entenmann's Snack Cake commercial with Barbara Eden (2000)  Kirby Gourmet Race cover entirely with fart sounds  This AI Can Clone Any Voice, Including Yours  The Longest Year in Human History (46 B.C.E.) - Historia Civilis  [Poetry] huge moth  [Poetry] Choose Camry  [Poetry] Today is my 20th Birthday  FAULT LINES - Recovering from Rehab: Work-based Therapy in the US (2019) - These men knew that getting clean would be hard work, but they had no idea that drug rehab would mean unpaid and dangerous wo  300 Days alone (2019)  (1964) Tennessee Tech college students march in protest of...beards?  Levi's Big Jeans Commercial: Last Night I Had a Weird Dream (1992)  Grapefruit juice commercial featuring an early prototype of Nickelodeon's Doug! Also featuring a voice-over by Lorenzo Music! (1989)  (1995) Sony Playstation preview on UK TV show Bad Influence  1 of the best fights of the year ?  McDonald's "Changeables" Happy Meal - Bootleg Transformers (1989)  Rosalina dance challenge  [meme][haiku] Is there anything scarier?  [Poetry] Henry Porter // dddance.party  Star Wars IX Teaser (WITHOUT MUSIC)  The history of movie rental [8:42]  Guy Stays in Quietest Room in The World [16:05]  Lotte Lenya singing Pirate Jenny (1966)  Smoked & Sous Vide Ribs  BRIAN BANKS Official Trailer - PG-13 99 min | Drama - A football player's dreams to play in the NFL are halted when he is wrongly convicted and sent to prison. Years later, he fights to clear his name  Start your success young.  2 Fight For The Title King Of The Fatties  Shaping of and design of climbing holds [14:54]  Aaron Gocs - Ocean Girl  [Poetry] Tiny Turtle Friend  [Poetry] Feeding the chickens  Not saying the N word for 2 straight minutes - Challenge  Metal Gear Solid 2 prophesying on the inevitability of Internet Censorship.  Never thought I'd see Seth Rogen in a romantic comedy. Pleasantly surprised.  "Diving Bell ; The Truth Shall Not Sink with Sewol" A gut wrenching insight to the death of more than 300 ferry passengers due to negligence, cowardice and unprofessionalism [81:21] (2014)  The Brewers Story - Episode 04 - 8 Bit Brewing Company (2019) "Short films about beer and the people who brew them" [24:38]  The Devils of Evergreen State College (2019) - "Part one of a three-part series of short films about Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying's harrowing experience at Evergreen State College."  Why number 3 is considered sacred in Religion, Math and Geometry [8:17]  Historia Civilis - The Longest Year in Human History (46 B.C.E.) [27:13]  (1988) Mary Tyler Moore's production company MTM's logo had a kitten Mimsie to parody MGM's lion. In the credits of the "St. Elsewhere" finale, instead of meowing, she is shown "dying", her heart moni  How to make the most incredible and tasty Hot Shrimp Fry you have ever had  Imli Ki Chatni Recipe/Tamarind Chutney  Man talks about his problems with erectile dysfunction on a first date.  (insert a title here)  Conman gets confronted and scurries away  Passengers Get Thrown Out From A Pickup Truck After A Collision!  Slurp-slurp, cat is thirsty  Old Chinese man makes a toy folding stool out of a single block of rough wood.  Plate Echo - The Greatest Studio Effect Of All Time!  Yellow Vest Fever. The movement’s unofficial leaders explain why the protests are just the beginning (27:00) (2019)  Lunch at Greene Central High School (upstate NY) 1991. As recorded on a VHS camera  How To Make SHAKSHUKA....A healthy vegetarian breakfast recipe. Made this for my mum's birthday last year and she absolutely loved it! (Recipe in the comments)  3 Layered Baked Khichdi (Healthy & Glutenfree)  The Worst Referee In MMA History ?  [USA][GA][OC] Truck broke down in the middle of an intersection just outside a truck stop.  Light Blast (1985) [480p]  Blow Out (1981) [720p]  im not ok  Guy spends 300 Days alone on a Island and documents every part of it in great detail (52:07)  [Poetry] Listens to World's Most Expensive Headphones  “Diving Bell; The Truth Shall Not Sink with Sewol”, Director’s cut (2014) on the incompetency and corruption of South Korean government behind the sinking disaster.  Global Junk Food (2016) The marketing tactics of brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Domino's pizza, in Brazil, India and France. Showing even higher levels of sugar, salt and saturated fats than US  Here’s an interesting video about Russia and how its population is decreasing (without politics involved) [10:37].  Damn: Passengers Get Thrown Out From A Pickup Truck After A Collision!  Plating Techniques For Sauce Simple Techniques For Begginers Art On Plate PART1 | By Chef Naydenov  before weight classes rules and early stoppages  Thai locals beat up Tourist who groped female  Pride of Lions Ambush and Kill Zebra  Cat struggles with identity  M1A1 Abrams - Academy/LiveResin 1/35 - Tank model [16:25]  Guy edits a video so that he’s playing games with snoop dogg  109 views 43 subs. Shia LeDouche.  [haiku] sanic fidget spinner  Mac Lethal raps about an abusive boyfriend trying to get his girlfriend back  Aunty Donna: The Magical School Canteen  Tim Minchin's Storm the Animated Movie - well worth ten minutes of your time  First Time Captain! Caribbean (2019) Blonde at SEA!  Ancient Greece City of Sparta story for kids  Plating Techniques For Desserts 17 Ideas For Begginers Dessert Decoration At Home 2019 Part 1  WEB OF LIES Official Trailer | 82 min | Thriller - Whitney, a social media influencer, moves back to her hometown in Boston to start a new chapter in her life. She has a blossoming career and an attra  The 30 Rock scene that won Alec Baldwin an Emmy: 'Jack Gives Tracy Therapy'  How to make the incredible and tasty Avocado Banana Ice cream smoothie  Spinning Levers (1936) - How A Transmission Works  [Haiku] Kirby's Got A Gun.  We Shall Remain (2009) [720p] - Is a groundbreaking mini-series and provocative multi-media project that establishes Native history as an essential part of American history.  Climate Change - The Facts [57:31]  Das dumme Gänslein (1944) 'The Silly Goose' is an non-dialogue animated short made during Nazi Germany. It features some very elaborate shots akin to Disney's Pinocchio  incredible wheezing  Mom Commercial  [Poetry] Hungry Boys!  Deutsche Welle: New Zealand, Life After The Terror Attacks (2019)  An Introduction to the Career of Claire Denis, Director of "High Life" (2019), the new A24 film starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche. [6:16]  “Computers Are People, Too!” [53:29](1982)  Group of skaters get in a tussle with two guys, resulting in a gnarly skateboard smash to the head.  They do Rule!  Officer shows frauditor the disorderly conduct statute  Scarpet – A Programming Language Within Minecraft [39:04]  Car-B-Que, cooking w/ your cars engine.  DJ Lady Style - Wu Tang Clan Tribute  Still one of my favorite college humor videos  Felidae (1994)[360p] English Version  Japanese man's contagious laughter leaves whole room in hysterics  **GIVEAWAY PAINTING** Thanos Glory's End - Avengers End Game (12 Hours of Painting)  The Ramones on the the Regis and Kathy Lee Show (1988)  3 year old catches his first fish with excitement  I know it's fake!  mr beast on a budget - sketch comedy  I've always found this video to be hilarious  Rocket Staging, Why?  Reading of a Kickstarter page for a website  [MY 99 YEAR OLD DAD'S REACTION WHEN HE GETS THE JOKE]  YOUREMISSINGOUT  [Poetry] Reptilarianism  TECH everyday carry SETUP! (2019 EDC) [5:37]  Docking to the International Space Station [10:10]  “Light Years”: English dub of Rene Laloux’s “Gandahar”, heavily edited and censored for sexual content by Harvey Weinstein (1988)  IT'S AN ANTIQUE, I BOUGHT IT!  Bill Hader Telling a Story from shooting HBO's Barry  Was told this belongs here!  Strange obsession over video game bathrooms  [meme] I’m Donald trump  Perfectly Cut Screams  Twitch streamer littlesiha gets an almost perfect score dancing to Rihanna's "Disturbia" in Just Dance 4. Pretty impressive actually  What Makes a Good Tower Defence Game? [21:30]  Jackbox : Shark Tank (Dunkey) [5:02]  How to cook the incredible and tasty Pumpkin Chicken  An Ohio News Team Adding Some “Hip Hop” Lingo To Their Morning Routine  Diarrhea  Cop confronts security guard for harassing citizen on 4th of July  Making Salt Rising Bread  Northlane and some San Andreas gameplay. 2011, 393 views.  Comedians reenact chapter 8 of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet”  [Haiku] have u heard about the movie theater butter straw life hack?  [POETRY] Wendy's Got a Gun  Well dressed raver  Guitarist Buckethead turns a bad situation into an epic improvisation act  How to cook the tasty Nariyal Aam Surmayi fish curry or Coconut Tender Mango Seer fish stew or curry  How to make Homemade Garam Masala /Indian spice mix easily at home / Homemade Garam masala recipe  OANN (a conservative media outlet) now has a "comedy" news show.  Guy Rages Psychotically Against Obama in Second Life [As Public As Video Games Get]  [OC][USA] Complete moron blows past a stopped school bus dropping off children to try to make a traffic light before it turns red  Go Back 1 Day: Tuesday, April 23, 2019