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All Videos: Wednesday, December 12, 2018

  Old Egyptian guy vs. "Unfuck the world" - funniest guy ever  Natural History Museum - David Attenborough (2018) What a great documentary by Sir David Attenborough!  Original Vitamix blender infomercial. Considered to be the first infomercial ever broadcast in the USA (1949)  Perfect Holiday Glazed Ham  Tribute to Ledyba  Bully (2011) [1080p]  [Poetry] Weeaboo's Dream  The Man Who Was Stuck in Paris Airport for 18 Years - Half as Interesting [5:19]  How Jean-Luc Godard revolutionised film by applying Brechtian theory [8:57]  News anchor Jim Vance laughing at security footage of clumsy burglar.  Why the Internet Won't Get You Any More Friends  How Jean-Luc Godard revolutionised film by applying Brechtian theory  Is that a supra?!  My dog snoring like a looney tunes character  Gym Fails Compilation - No Brain No Gain  Technical Support Issues Resolved - Big or Small  "There should be multiple experiences that lead you to identify as non-human."  aliud quod  75 Year Old Sings Justin Bieber's Baby Cover Version  [Haiku] Baby it's Cold Outside 2018  I Swear Its Not Hentai Senpai!  WCGW if I try to make this u turn just as a cop is passing  Gilbert Gottfried makes reporter lose it.  [USA][OC] Late red light runner.  Cardinal George Pell has been convicted of 6 accounts of child abuse  Spicy Chicken Roast | Simple and Delicious Easy Indian Cooking  Truth (2011) [720p]  Learn how to create a crossword puzzle  A League Of Their Own TV Show Ep 1 (1993)  Movie about a guy and his rat, and his girlfriend?  I don’t know what I’m watching anymore  The Stages Of An Edible  [Poetry] Baby it's Cold Outside 2018  D Day Landing and the invasion of Normandy (2009) [01:26:38]  LSD: The Spring Grove Experiments (1965) - LSD Testing on 1960's Housewives  Don't Mess With A Gamer  Call the judge and get some fudge  I really feel like this SNL skit with Jason Momoa deserves more attention  The Grapist  The Future of Aging  The Passage (1979) [BluRay]  Executive desk pen set making [5:55]  Traditional Korean floor 대청마루 ( daecheongmaru) - a wooden floor without nails, screws or glue - [No narration, handtools only]  Baby it's Cold Outside 2018  Bizarre Skyrim video with horribly misspelled description. 71 views at time of post.  Western Tales : The Hunt For Kernal Gravy Boat  "Mailed Myself" to JoJo Siwa 2.4 k views at time of post  Anthony Air Guitar  Mario eating sticky notes. 46 views at time of post.  [Poetry] NaughtyMonkey.com  Jingle bells - Christmas Song 2019 | Nhạc Giáng Sinh Hay Nhất 2019  Find out what a Emergency Room looks like in the back of a Combat Helicopter  Stop Scaring Me! - Dead Space 2 (Funny Jump Scare Reactions) - MumblesVideos Let's Play #13  Watch us watch our dumba$$ selves  Never ask if you can eat their horses...  [Gaming] This whole video is beautiful  A Universal Language  [USA][NJ] Smoke billowing out of an SUV - Do they not notice?  The Rise of 20 Hour-Long Flights - Wendover Productions  Inside the Whale Warehouse! - The Brain Scoop  Music Theory Distilled - Part 1: Melody  The Rise of 20 Hour-Long Flights (2018)  [Poetry] two loli's harass you at a truck stop bathroom  I have more questions than answers (2009)  Trolling Animal Rights Activists in Toronto  Cringe Cringe Cringe  'Enrique? Hello?' Trump's awkward phone call with Mexican president  The Worst Steam Library Ever [40:16]  The Power of Inserts: Baby Driver (2017) - Edited Version Of The Film Only Using The Inserts. [7:46]  Inside the Whale Warehouse! - The Brain Scoop [10:09]  KRAMER NO  [AU][OC][Fatal] Truck driver passed out at the wheel  [USA][NY] Moron making a right turn from the middle lane  [USA][NJ] Idiot tries to make a U turn just as a cop is passing in the opposite lane  Medieval Armor - Plate and Chainmail of the middle Ages [01:49]  When you come up with the stupidest idea for a Christmas song but then you actually end up filming it in Iceland  Medieval Armor (2018) - Plate and Chainmail of the middle Ages [01:49]  Weird scat fetish cartoon  Absolute woeful fail.  (2000) This is How the World Ends: The un-aired pilot of Gregg Araki's (Doom Generation, Smiley Face) MTV show  Family Man season 8 opening  god looking down upon his creation  LGR - Building My Dream $3,588 Windows XP PC [21:47]  [USA] [NH] Florida Driver Casually Blows Red Light  [USA] Each incident was within 10 minutes of one another. Another reason why I dislike driving in Brooklyn.  A local Dunkin Donuts caught fire and residents are having a hard time adjusting...  Jesus In Islam - (2015)  Seconds From Disaster (Season 3) - US Embassy Bombing (2006)  More from the Google hearing: Does Google know when I move seats?  Tower Records Christmas Sale TV Commercial (1994)  [Poetry] That new gritty Sonic trailer looks so realistic  [Haiku] Sonic The Hedgehog - Deleted Scene  The WINNEBAGO MAN is EPIC! (Explicit lanuage!)  Totally not staged book signing and epic trailer for a fantasy book written by a child  From the guy that brought you the Wakaba cigarette review, JAPANESE RAMEN OH YEAH GOOD TASTE. 5 years old, 2.1k views.  Drinking ONE GALLON OF COKE  Compilation of my Favorite Vines[11:54]  Failing to squat with one leg ends in laughter  I had to call 911 on my Uber passengers for domestic abuse  Jamie Hyneman (from Mythbusters) made this Robotic vending machine for an old 7up commercial and it's actually Hilarious  ULTIMATE PARKOUR FAILS COMPILATION 2018  Nine Dog Christmas (2004) [360p]  From Star Wars to Jedi (1983) [480p]  rdr2 uncle vs aliens official trailer  [Poetry] bad avatar meme  [Poetry] I'm doing my part - Youtube rewind edition  Girls gym epic fails - Best of 2018  M99 - Spiral Galaxy and its mystery nova - Deep Sky Videos [7:54]  Suburban tough-guy threatens to run car off road; other guy responds to threat with a bat  A fight I recorded at midnight in Mickey's Diner while very drunk  💵 FREE Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy 2019 - Shopify [$700+ In Four Days?!]  The problem with "cover songs"  Man makes mac & cheese & peanut butter meal for his plushie  Creepy raven video. I don’t know how to describe it, just watch.  Recreating Youtube Rewind 2018...  Suffering from insomnia? The Slumbering Sounds Of Childhood CD should help.  Japanese cover of Country Roads  How to film the inside of a microwave (2 ways) [12:23]  Guy tries to learn how to slackline while doing yo-yo tricks at the same time. A show about learning new skills. [15:51]  Two Minutes to Midnight [12:23]  [USA] Russian Crash Compilation  Sovereign citizen doesn't want to exit vehicle. Police k9 helps him out.  Bruce Sterling. Lecture "The epic struggle of the internet of things"  EPIC GIRLS GYM FAILS  Tons of cooking content, plenty of laughs  White trash catfight ends with shovel toss to the head  The Last Bastion (2018) - A student documentary on a war veteran, his past and his love for military heritage.  Brain Demons - Earthovision Saturday Movie  There's a Clam in my Ass  VHS Piracy Warning (Australia 90s)  Cillian Murphy being accosted by interviewers  Cosmonaut Performs Rocket Surgery, While Spacewalking, With a Knife [8:00]  China’s "Social Credit System" Has Caused More Than Just Public Shaming [5:44]  SUPER FUNNY KIDS AND ANIMALS @ZOO  Incident at Subway  [Russia] Russian dashcam compilation by "Ivan Ivanov" (famous Russian dashcam filmer), he has uploaded a ton the past years.  DIY Santa Claus Using Paper || Winter Craft Ideas  [Poetry] Manuka Honey  B-SHOC - Hot Cocoa (Christmas Music Video) feat. K Tempo  American street-preacher visits Jamaica. Preaches through a megaphone to natives using a fake Jamaican accent that sounds vaguely Irish.  Extreme Negative Feedback  So in light of Cardinal George Pell being convicted of abuse against choir boys in the 90's, this awkwardly phrased answer he gave on an Australian panel show a few years back really hasn't aged well.  LEGO - The Rise and Fall...And Rise Again [12:21]  Juggalo Mario 64 (200 views)  French Lesson in English for Chinese People (Warning: mild swearing in French)  Black Bob Ross Trilogy (LETS DO SOMETHING GOOD REDDIT)  Woman calls 911 and then throws rock at officer  He nails every accent  [USA][IN][OC] Carmel roundabout confusion, maybe they had a yield sign too?  [USA][IN][OC] BMW decides to turn left from non-turn lane, backs up traffic  Crazy Eights Platoon (2016)  9/11 Wargames (2017) - Go inside the harrowing Air Traffic Control events from the morning of 9/11 as Air Force personnel scramble to respond to the hijacked planes as fighter jets are sent in the wro  Build your own controller for Guitar Hero or Clone Hero!  Extreme Idiots Of The Internet #15  🔥Best Coub Video Mixtage #165: Top Vines Publication Videos 😂 (FunnY Cube VIDEOS)  Sprite for golfers  Cringey story  The Monsters, Inc. Argument for Basic Income: [11:24]  The Big Picture: An Endless Universe (or Nerds Don't Understand How Disney Markets 'Star Wars' and Other Properties) [9:06]  [Poetry] Writing 2 Project  [Haiku] The Mattress Ranch  [Poetry]ASMR by your dad  Guy says McDonald’s involved in a Blood cult  [Haiku] I almost passed out.  Barney Is A Dinosaur From Our Imagination (2739 views)  Do - This is is how we do it but with voice clips from various video games and movies.  [Poetry] Internet Service Provider  [HAIKU] he click clacked himself  Mo-Pete Catch and Shoot  This guy attempts to reviews guns while using a speech jammer, hilarity ensues.  WHAT IS THIS???  Durex Sheik Condom Use One Or Get None Commercial (1996)  Epic Body Transformation Fat to Fit [5:56]  A glimpse Into a Disturbing Rothschild Masquerade Ball [6:40]  Comedian with Tourette Syndrome breaks down his top 5 strangest tics [11:15]  Guy's videos are somehow popular  Just when you think you’re on a roll at shooting pool  Thailand football team found alive in cave after 9 days  This guy laughing at Young Thug gets me every time  1960s Postcards In Real Life Then VS Now  [MKBHD] The Problem with YouTube Rewind!  A little out of the ordinary: David Belle - Parkour  The YouTube Rewind we all deserve.  Darth Busker  Japanese Ring Puzzle that someone hasn't been able to solve for Ten years.  Self-aware douchebag discusses vaginas with surprising accuracy.  The Puppy’s Struggle  Variations of Mario falling  Girl Catapulted! She fly  Sherpa (2015): A snapshot of globalization on Mt. Everest. Set against the backdrop of climate change and the rich thinking that money alone can purchase their way to the top of the mountain. (trailer  An idiot tries to prove he has the world's hardest head  Breakdown (1997)  Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) [1080p]  "Don't Stop Believin'" One last time at Joe Louis Arena  I hope every country starts doing this  1-800-COLLECT "School of Collect Calling" Commercial with Wayne Knight (Newman)  Fractured Fairy Tales -- The Fox and The Stork [5:36]  Why Louisiana Stays Poor [15:24]  [Poetry][Meme] Precision German Engineering  What Presidential Impersonators Teach Us About Trump - a history of presidential impersonators in the U.S. [11:19]  Closed Captioning: More Ingenious than You Know [19:48]  [Meme] He Gnows what's good  [Poetry] UNRELIABLE?  First date?  Teacher quashes public freakout in classroom  Eastside Hood Fight  Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter beats 2 guys  Beatboxing‬ Police Academy Vs Led Zeppelin  Throwing your voice - A guy makes his voice sound far away to mess with his friends and it's absolutely hysterical  [Hungary] Two Audi Q7s blink in sync after crash  Relu  Danish soccer commentator drops f-bomb on live tv.  “History is Marching” (2018) - feature length documentary analysing the rise in tension between major powers in 2018  My brother tried cooking a sponge cake for the first time  [Poetry] The President Wins the Senate  [Poetry] parrot.exe not responding  Auli'i Cravalho nailing the real-life Disney princess thing  When You're Having a Bad Day! - Just For Laugh  Moods in the Hotel  Here's an episode of The Ed Sullivan Show featuring The Moscow State Circus performing from Minneapolis, MN. Original broadcast date: April 12th (1964)  Interviewer stumps kpop group Monsta X by suddenly mentioning BTS Grammy nomination  It Just Keeps going.  Regreening the desert with John D. Liu (2012)  Restaurant Style Palak Paneer | Palak paneer |  An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998) [480p] Something weird for Wednesday  Super Techmo bowl successfully predicts Seahawks vs. Broncos super bowl (19 views)  Mark Weins - Hunza Valley food tour in Pakistan [31:58]  How Emily Dickinson Writes A Poem [7:39]  All the types of clouds [9:49]  "YOU JUST KILLED A MAN" - Hit and run driver caught in London (UK) Dashcam footage  Guy calls into radio show to discuss Trump's plans for Saddam Hussein [@6:45]  Gangs of Detroit (2018)  War Is Not A Game (2010) [720p] - In 2009 will be celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the Geneva Conventions signed in 1949. The aim of the treaties was to make wars more civilised. Did they succee  Home Fixins with Finn - Fix that double chin - How to chapstick  🔥Trend Coub Video Mix #164 - Trend Coubs Comedy Videos 😂 FunnY Cube (FUNNY VIDEOS COUBS)  [Canada][ON][OC] Head-On Collision Oakville, Ont. Driving turning left isn't paying attention.  Mr. Flare Explains: The Virgin Mary [5:27]  Chicken Wonton Recipe  [Haiku] pictures of lithers  What Have You Forgotten? - Australian sketch comedy  [Gaming] Undertaker's new entrance!  Patton Oswalt & JC Shakespeare in College Loan Video (1990)  How to Make Christmas Tree Eyebrows (...Poorly): A Tutorial  The Curious Story of the Soviet Tank Destroyers Brigades  A Xmas Project  Can we prevent climate change from destroying the lives of farmers and pastoralists in the world's poorest regions (2018)?  The Iroquois Confederacy (2018) - A very interesting and comprehensive overview of the Iroquois Confederacy (16:00)  Hold my beer while I freefall off this tower  Can Money Make Harder Games More Appealing? [30 Views]  The Big $18,000 Putt Putt Golf Skins Game in 1997 from Orange Lake, Orlando,Florida.  Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) (1980)  How I became a scientist!  The Events that Shaped Europe  The Rise of Rome - How Italy Was Conquered (2018) A documentary about the origins of the Roman empire  The .Lobby (2018) - Investigation into AIPAC that Trump Mega-Donor, Sheldon Adelson, Tried to suppress. This film exposes the efforts of Israel and its lobbyists to spy on, smear, and intimidate US ci  3000 TREX vs 20000 JEDI - Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator [24:05]  The Card (1952) [480p]  [child-marriage] Young girls force-fed for marriage in Mauritania (2018)- Girls put on 9,000 calorie-a-day diet during "feeding season" to appear more attractive to men (22m38s)  if drake was a teacher/Youssef ben othman  Land scaping managment at work  Killer whales playing with swimmer in New Zealand  Wu-Tang Clan: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert  Google Trends prepared a better Rewind video than Youtube  The Mandelbrot Set [15:29]  Tamarind chutney. You can store it 15 days😮  Chocolate Chunk Cookies  [Czech Republic] Handicapped driver driving like an idiot  Meow meow nigga [Meme]  5 Mind Blowing Facts about Dogs (A dog has served as a Mayor!!!)  You can’t watch this video and not laugh, it’s impossible  The General George S. Patton Story (1945) [480p] - George S. Patton III was a highly successful and highly controversial general who held Corps- and Army-level commands during World War II.  Speeding ticket.  [Poetry] Doctor - Jack Stauber (feat. Sarah)  Jaron Lanier - Who is Civilization for?  Charlemagne - Conquest of Iberia.  The Curious Story of the Soviet Tank Destroyers Brigades (2018)  If I shoot for this goal  I tried capturing what town and city life in Japan are like  2 days of cat vs automatic feeder.  Oh damn im going to be destroyed, better jump out!  Prince of Egypt - An Animated Masterpiece [5:22]  Digging a 1600 foot trench to lay our irrigation pipe. As you can see, it's a slow process.  Undertaker vs brock lesnar - wrestling  Bird Box - Official Trailer #2 - Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich - When a mysterious force decimates the world’s population, only one thing is certain: if you see it,   Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon - Official Teaser Trailer - When an alien with amazing powers crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun the Sheep goes on a mission to shepherd the intergalactic vis  What Children Do - Trailer - Nicole Rodenburg, Grace Rex, Josh Ruben - Two estranged sisters are thrust back into each other's lives when their grandmother becomes ill.  Fire in Google office in China. Google office is on fire.  [Poetry] Ocean sounds  Russian technology forum showcases ‘the most advanced robot in the world’ which is blatantly a human dressed in a robot costume with over exaggerated robot voice.  News Report: Rick James Recovers From a Stroke (1998)  SPIRAL : The Drug Trip from Hell (2018) [1080p]  “Plumbing scam” expose - Chris Hansen & dateline literally manufacture fake news  I am the Walrus  "bong rips.m4v" 6 years old, 500 views  I mean the flow works  This guy added me on steam and had a link to his channel on his page. This is is second most recent upload from 6 years ago.  Dvd screensaver hits corner [Poetry]  Brazil: When a lost child gets found people take it on their shoulder and clap their hands until the parents find it. Bystanders clap too.  Susan Justin Band - Theme to Forbidden World (1982) live performance  Silent Killer (2018) Israel has been covertly making A-bombs since the 1950s. The source of Israel's huge nuclear arsenal, Dimona nuclear reactor, is shrouded in secrecy, a taboo that even its dying v  The first trip (2018)  Freedom Fries: And Other Stupidity We'll Have to Explain to Our Grandchildren (2006)  🔥Funny Coub Video Edition 163 | Trend Jokes Composition Videos (😂 FunnY Cube - FUNNY VIDEOS )  What is Federal Land? - CGP Grey  [5:02] Egyptology - Pyramid Construction  [Meme] Stop right there!  Extremely hard to watch Aussie Rap Battle! Rapper Snipes slowly talks his verses then spends his last verse explaining why he's a bad rapper. Enjoy  Daytona judge places screaming suspect in separate room  Cumbia: The African beat spreading through Latin America - Borders  Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977) [360p]  Sounds of the Planets  THE WORLD IS BURNING!! LETS MASTURBATE!!!!!  The Power of Pinesol [Poetry]  i got a VEGETARIAN BIG MAC because Burger King didn't honor their 1 cent whopper deal [30:35]  Tasting Some of the Wildest Fruit at Bogotá's Paloquemao Market — Vox Borders x Eater [6:31]  I've lurked on this subreddit for years and I'm excited to finally get to post a trailer for my own movie!  Alexa, play Digger Digger  After more than 50 years of daily driving, woman’s Volkswagen Beetle is restored to mint condition  MARRY, KILL, OR SMASH 💍💦🔪| Public Interview  [USA] 14-Year-Old Car Thief Gets Caught By Deputies After Roll Over Crash in Pasco, FL  The City of Golf Carts - Tom Scott  My 11 Paul Rudd Roles  Man with chicken on his shoulder rants about Canadian pizza snacks  Rocky Occult Symbolism  Epic whitewater rafting!!!!!  Kung Fu Nuns  [Haiku] Doug DeMuro the type of guy who [OC]  Go Back 1 Day: Tuesday, December 11, 2018