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All Videos: Thursday, February 14, 2019

  How 50 million trees have changed the world[6:14]  The next Barbara Walters perhaps?  Dumpy looking women in slightly less dumpy clothing.  Ninja freestyle rapping...  [USA][TX][HTOWN] What happens when you text in stop and go traffic  Who is Belle Delphine  Chili Paneer Dry | Indian Cottage cheese or substitute with Tofu  [Haiku] There's a raccoon in my engine  Insane sovcit attacks woman  YouTuber describes 7 miracles of Allah and picks some of the dumbest examples  [Haiku] Free Balloon Day  Microsoft Excel on windows 95 had a secret dev room called "Hall of Tortured Souls"  Ooffle - Profile - Mirror Man  Cool option in every windows laptop/pc we forgot  Age calculator /Loan period calculator /duration calculator  Eating 8 Big Mac's is literally heaven  Guy catches random dude spying on him in the bathroom.  Restoring a rare antique blower [29:27]  [Meme] The Proper Way to End "Avengers: Infinity War"  [Germany] first week of February  Girls are always asking for "Adventures" on Tinder. Here's what would happen if you took them on an ACTUAL adventure.  A Woman Under the Influence Dir - John Cassavetes Starring Gena Rowlands (1974) [720p]  Grandpa Kitchen -- Indian grandpa cooks for the community; mostly quiet, ambient sound. [12:25]  I have composed a song for my beloved cat Bearbear [2006, 2,307 views]  F  The Works Trailer (1982) - Before Toy Story debuted in theaters back in 1995, this film was supposed to be the first CGI animated film before it was shelved.  Kids jumping around "puddle" full video  #WOKE  Clone-A-Willy  Popcarts (2004) - underground suburban sport with shopping carts and cans of pop  Kids are Loving THIS!  [Haiku] What you doing back here boy  [Poetry] Mysterious island at canadian coast  [Haiku] This is a pup  Rapper Denzel Curry covers Rage Against The Machine's song Bulls on Parade and absolutely nails it  Our Teen Who Dies If He Falls Asleep [6:31]  911 Nobel Peace Prize Winner - Opiti-Cule Prime-Tangelient-[Atlas] - Published on 17 Feb 2017  How to Slay Crotchet braids with cheap hair under $3 (N900)  Eat the Biggest Frog First (Brian Tracy Time Management Tip)  Guy knocks put security guard fir saying he was gonna kill him  Guy beats up 2 cops  [Canada] Pontiac Vibe vs. My RAM 1500 in a Snowstorm [OC]  Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Ferrero Rocher | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit  The History & Truth of KRATAM (2019) - "A very brief documentary style video about the history of Kratam, a plant used for many things from treating opioid addiction to also minor things like work pro  [Poetry]KSI And Deji play Minecraft  Flying back home, this guy really wanted to shake his hand.  Knockout Tips  Fat Turkish gypsy boy with down syndrome belly dances at wedding  Worlds most pathetic elevator  These “grown” men acting childish was tough to watch without grimacing with embarrassment pains.  Guilty licks ain’t got no rhythm  just read the title  The Real Story of Halloween (2010) - The origins of Halloween are explored and how it became the holiday we know and enjoy today.  BBC: Inside Europe: Ten Years of Turmoil - We Quit - Episode 1 of 3 (2019)  The Last Lioness (2009) - An extraordinary story of survival as the last lion surviving on Zambia's Liuwa Plain, Lady Liuwa, survives against the odds and with no lions to be found, she looked to huma  [Poetry] The 10,000 Furry Rule  [USA] Lyft Driver Near Miss  Colorado man describes mountain lion attack  What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) [240p]  Catch The Train Or You'll Die  Anarcho-Primitivist Party Ad  A channel that only posts clips from films that show the use of squibs  Tara’s SuperMAN.  Toum: The Lebanese Garlic Sauce  [Israel] Audi pulls into a 55mph road without looking (cammer was doing around 40)  Hoping to help someone be a bit more confident out there  Avenging Angel (1985) [360p]  Guard at synagogue shoots transgender 1st amendment auditor  birmingham is officiall a muslim country broo  Best Chinese Street Food | Terra Cotta Warriors!  I Try Out Tinder - Jardon Cinnamon  LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | Official Trailer [HD]  Stoney Point: Portrait of an American Crag (2012) - Explores the rich cast of characters who frequented one the most historic rock climbing areas in the US, located just outside Los Angeles.  Taste the rainbow.  [Israel] Flashing your high beams means you can almost kill a family right?  [USA][OC]Forgot to Turn Off Invisibility Mode  Millions of People Are Giving Away Their Privacy Through Ancestry Tests  Ink And Dagger at WKDU Radio Station (1998) rare footage of the seminal mid/late 90s experimental hardcore band performing sans vampire makeup  Amazing acoustic Eminence Front cover over 10 years old  The most terrifying chase scene on the internet (467 views)  Guy shows you how to make Aurora Borealis in your Kitchen [8:32]  Animals Talking Like Humans | Funny Videos Dogs Version 2019  What to Eat In China! | Great Wall, Forbidden City And So Much More!  [Haiku] Olivia the Xenomorph  [Meme] Put It Back  Deaf woman fight  Late (1970)s Super 8 home video footage of Magic World, a now defunct Tennessee theme park  This is how Wernicke's Aphasia sounds like  Captain Disillusion - Laminar Flow Disambiguation  Terrible Pokémon Shippings [5:55]  Gordon Ramsay Falls Off A Chair Whilst Making Rice Cakes [6:27]  More Game Boy Advance First Person Shooters | Punching Weight [17:34]  The disarming case to act right now on climate change. [11:13]  Underrated gold  Captain Disillusion - Laminar Flow Disambiguation [9:17]  Now She Is Freaking Out About A Showe  Drunk Russian Guy Falls Asleep in the Weirdest Toilet Position Ever  I Will Explain The Kingdom Hearts Story To You........  My Funny Valentine  Doctors Without Boundaries (Sketch)  Valentines Day Alone  [Poetry] Mountain Dew GameFuel Review  Guy proposes during a Marc Rebillet aka Loop Daddy concert  Punch Your Head Right Off!  This Is Confusing  Ax Trix  A Sock Puppet Reviews "Full Metal Jacket"  acidface  Fantastic Singing  typed in a bunch of random Hindi characters and found this.  Child's Play | Anatomy of a Franchise #2 [38:26]  yup  [Poetry]Couples on valentine's day  Treasure Troll Newborn Doll Commercial (1993)  Super Nintendo Super Scope Gun Commercial (1992)  Inside Gaming has been brought back by the original crew via a odd set of acquisitions  (Captain Disillusion) Laminar Flow DISAMBIGUATION  Tesla Introduces a Temperature Regulating ‘Dog Mode’ That Assures Passersby That the Dogs Within Are Safe  Badli badli lage  I Think She Needs A Snickers  Cat Using Toilet And Flushing - Cat After Training Can Use Toilet  Don't mess with thai girls  Big Valentine's Day Surprise Laughter  Netflix trailer for LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS  Nba street makes a return finally?!!  [Poetry] Breaking Storm The House with an auto-clicker  [USA] [CA] Camaro spun out on some sharp rocks  [Canada] Was the swerve/pit justified?  Turtles Forever (2009) - American television film produced by 4Kids Entertainment. A crossover film featuring three different incarnations of the Turtles, it was produced in celebration of the 25th an  Jury Duty a r/ThatHappened recreation  I got Sean Astin to help me with my wife's Valentine's Day present.  Jon Lajoie - Show Me Your Genitals  HSDI prt8 (75 views, 2007)  A very enthusiastic R.E.M. cover  Slather Me Good Foot  Dr.Kevin Hand, Solar System Exploration, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Exploring Europa - Ocean Worlds of the Outer Solar System (2014) Dr. Hand discusses the ocean worlds, shows video of a rover   Playing The Haunted Hearts Game At 3AM (Scary Valentine’s Day Game) [14:31]  Cristiano Rolando Best Football Player in the planet - World at His Feet  LIKE A BOSS // THUG LIFE COMPILATION February 2019  Pet Sematary Trailer 2  When you force your German boyfriend to do Youtube with you  These kids trying to be funny  Guy Steals Giant Redbull Fridge Pretending to be Repairman  [Classic] School bully messes with new Asian student, gets jaw broke.  Owen reviewing Minecraft for X-Box 360 | Runtime 59 seconds  Elvis Presleys incredible performance of Unchained Melody  How to subscribe to YouTube channel  How to subscribe to a YouTube channel  Three Men from New Zealand Confuse New York Space Guy, Police Chief also has Sex with Hooker  Fetishistic Scopofilia (5.5k views, 2007)  An in-depth review of a nerf gun by a 10 year old. 159 Views  This Monstrosity  Happy Valentine's. Evra and his chicken  China's SPOUSE VISA 🤵👰 SUCKS!  How to Ruin Valentine's Day!  Super Easy Breezy Beautiful Pasta  Why Is Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” So Depressing? Sad Songs Explained (2019) - Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" helped raise more than $30 million for animal shelters. But what is it about the song that   [USA][NH][OC] Corolla has close call with a fire truck  [USA][NH][OC] I came very close to hitting a deer  Drunk guests at wedding  Top Secret! (1984) Is a timeless movie that is still hilarious to this day.  'NewsGuard' App Rates Alternative Media. What Could Go Wrong?  Our half-hour D&D webseries continued with episode 3 last night, and I really think we've hit our stride as a group. It's our first combat encounter in Masters of the Box!  Hold my crack pipe.  Why use clips when you can use magazines? [6:43]  Really hard to describe but really good, Double King. [9:47]  Straight Outta Dorset  This is NOT how they demonstrated Birth Control at school.  Ocaso - César Silva / João Silvestre  10 Most Strange and Unusual Houses in the World  A lady stepping on a Malibu Ken doll  WCGW, flipping off a cop? "He can't do shit to you, man!"  Hugging my dog too long challenge 😂  Guy loses it after listening to a song someone sent him on twitch.  Raw Banana Vorta / Green Banana Vorta / Kacha Kola Vorta - Bangladeshi Street Food  [Pro/chef] multiple vegitable rice.  [Haiku] You should have gone for the head  [Haiku] Hollywood Lunch  [Haiku] Slip Sliding Away  [Haiku] Dance  Accident on motocross  Grandma died  St. Peter's Cemetery: New Orleans' First* Burial Ground  The Thing (1982) - Misunderstood At Release [7:09]  The intro/outro is comedy gold  Las Vegas Shooting Updates Trump calls the Gunman sick  Spaghetti O’s “Mr. O and His Lunchtime Show” Commercial (1983)  Walt Disney Introduces Disneyland (1954)  Swatch “There Are No Limits” Commercial (1990)  Vlog  Cupid Gets Your Celebrity Crush for Valentine's Day  Peppers Stuffed with meat (Pimientos rellenos)  Sometimes you really need to cosplay as Sasuke Uchiha  Frozen Teaser Trailer 2  Aladdin Trailer 2  The Thing (1982) - Misunderstood At Release [Media Studies, Film Studies]  Inside the world's most dangerous football league (2019)  [USA][NH][OC] SUV in the middle of the intersection  [Israel] Idiot driver almost squashed by dump truck  [Meme] Tekashi 6ix9ine: The Movie (Official Trailer)  [USA] BMW driver makes right turn from straight lane, honks back and rolls down window to flip me off.  [USA][NH][OC] Traffic circle struggles (funny)  Bach on Piano for Blind Elephant  Breaking Storm the House with an Auto-Clicker  Pilot explains what it was like to eject from an F15 at the speed of sound  Ken Jeong- Hot Ones  158,962,555,217,826,360,000 (Enigma Machine) - Numberphile [11:51]  m o m m y g i v e m e m i l k i e s  Guy provides sound effects for "Ass Eating Monkeys!"  A classic. I use to watch these all the time in high school.  BUCKWHEAT | SUPERFOODS | PSEUDO GRAINS EPISODE 1  CHEESUS CHROIST! ex-gang banger took it from the crib to the church. Pastor doesn’t know how to step in and end it.  [USA][Seattle] U-Turn and block lane  Jimmy Fallon called out for his phoniness by Martin Short.  This extremely rare melanistic black emperor penguin was filmed by the BBC during their filming of Dynasties  one in the chamber 2012 cuba gooding jr  How to Murder Your Wife (1965) [720p] Happy Valentine's Day  [Poetry] Who's Behind That Locked Door?  [Poetry]Michael Jackson dancing to you will never see it coming from Persona 5  [Meme] Spongebob also knows the rules  John the Raptist - Coping Mechanisms  Gasm!  Fresh Strawberry Milkshakes  Dude goes meet his bride in Brazil, gets overprotective of "poop water"  I'm an upcoming compilation youtuber and I could use so feedback so I may improve in the future thank you. ^_^  Dog Driving Car Vine - Funny Dog Drive With Car  [USA][OH] Dangerous left turn into oncoming traffic  [USA][NH][OC] Hyundai hesitates through intersection then stops in the middle of the road  [OC] You really didn’t have to unmake the bed to lay there.  Sonic Boom  Happy Valentine’s day!  The Brain that Wouldn't Die (1962)/Tormented (1960) [720p] [Double feature]  [Haiku] Little Diddy  Dr. Chris McKay (NASA Ames Research Center): Saturn's Moon Titan: A World with Rivers, Lakes, and Possibly Even Life (2013) A discussion of what was found on Titan and what it might mean. Dr. McKay is  Starbucks Lovers [6:56]  history  React 4 U - React To My Love - Responsibly Weird ENT  Guy on Danish television tries to break a record in cracking coconuts with his fists.  Algorithms rule us all (2018) - VPRO Documentary  That Time a Guy Parachuted Onto Devils Tower and No One Could Figure Out How to Get Him Down (2018)  Air brush painting on a helmet [13:22]  February 13 2019 My Commute through the Countryside of North Carolina [USA]  This Valentine's Day, be a Boyfriend with Attitude  Prank call show accidentally finds the best man in Australia (Original Upload)  [Haiku] Female Comedians vs. Male Comedians  Why you dont leave the back of your dump truck open...  Old footage from brazil a man gets his ear bitten off  This Splash Mountain 'rap' Disney made back in the 80s/90s  Hand Model is extremely overprotective of her hand...  Uganda news .  Whiplash Meets Kirin J  Fast Workers Compilation - Amazing Skills Level Master  AMERICAN FAST FOOD MEETS AUTHENTIC THAI | Red Curry Popcorn Chicken  School in a Monastery 寺庙中的小学(2017) (4K) "a friend filmed one of his travels to a remote Tibetan monastery funded elementary school hidden in the mountains between the borders of Qinghai an  Small woman beats larger with standing and grounded strikes  Characters of 'Winnie The Pooh' presented as different psychological tendencies, or even disorders.  New Zelda Game!  Satirical Take on Post-Truth America  The Stendhal Syndrome (1996) [360p]  How Pink Floyd Built The Wall - Part One: The Album [14:27]  Inspiring Andre Chiang | Food Heroes - What fires Andre Chiang's culinary genius? Following his decision to close his Michelin 2-star restaurant, here's a peek into the mind of an extraordinary chef -  Interviews with veterans of the American Civil War 1928-1934 [23:03]  Blitzkrieg Bob Trailer - Bobbning and sledge Movie  This is Pretty Creepy  What to do after Year 12?  Spanish government official compares unauthorized referendum to Rape  If you get this text stay away  Cops shoot sleeping man in car in Vallejo  Drunk Fails | She Almost Died! | Funny Fails Compilation  Slaps turn to punches and quick!  Lowly sucker punch  Dude recounts story of being punched for calling his girl a cunt only for the same thing to happen again.  "New Premium Uber Service Lets Users Commandeer Any Car"  Japan's Strange and Deadly Insurrectionist Cult (1995) A short documentary with a ton of details most are not aware of, such as the other Sarin attack carried out before the infamous subway attack.  [Poetry] Jeff Bezos issues statement  [OC] Where do you put pies?  Tyler1 Doesn't Want Butt Stuff | xQc At Gym - BEST OF TWITCH #5 (Twitch Fails Clips)  Amazing Street Magic Compilation - HOW DID HE DO THAT🔥 Best of 2019  Chicken Tikka Bbq...  Two potent old man slaps followed by a retaliatory cock fight knockout.  Seems like a fake setup but it's hard to fake that head bounce.  Didn't stand a chance, though he was barely given one  Civilian vs Military (Police?)  Children of U.S. Civil War Vets (2014) Two children of U.S. Civil War veterans reminisce about their fathers' war experience (6:40) [CC]  Fox go FLOOF  I at least kept my shoes on  What was he thinking  "I'm the Joker"  [Meme] YNW Melly has a very important PSA about Gun Safety!  [Meme] The Greatest Treasure of All - SSBU Joker meme  [haiku] take us back to the good ol days  State trooper determined to find weed proceeds to perform cavity search on suspect on the side of the road  Caesar in Britain (2017) - A documentary about Caesar's attempts at conquering Britain - part of a 5+ part series on Caesar's conquests. (21:44)  If you think Americans don't know anything from outside the US, think again. This American successfully named all 13 provinces while the average knowledge of Americans about Canada is just Toronto, th  Why Google Can't Solve Android's Fragmentation Problem  Jaguars Have "Tug of War" With Anaconda  Amazing Dogs Workout Super Profesion  Drunk guests at indian wedding run riot at 5 star hotel over cold food  [Norway] Semi loses control of trailer on bridge  Watch Rudy the Bulldog crush the 2019 WKC Masters Agility course  Cat John Cena - Funny Cat Fight - John Cena Is Cat  Software Geek WhatsApping his girlfriend on Valentine's Day  And if ...... i was a .... Pharaon  An old Indian man singing Take on Me by A-ha  Thought this belonged in here  Former congressional candidate Shay White livestreams herself causing havoc at a local community center.  [USA][NY] UPS driver intentionally blocks ambulance from passing  The Verge/Vox Media gives YouTuber a copyright strike for criticizing their video  These Clips Are Super Cringey And Awkward  This official League of Legends Rap Battle might be low hanging fruit but here it is...  Father of the year recipients exchange parenting tips  [USA] speeding BMW crashes after bump on a road  A brie(f) history of cheese - Paul Kindstedt [5:34]  Comedian minutes before a set receives a call telling her she has breast cancer, this was her set  2am haircuts, Anne Boleyn's forgotten coffin, creative freedom and other such nonsense!  The Evolution Of Doge  Indian Tech Support Scammer plays Fortnite...  got smacked  Crazy Lady Freaks Out After Missing Ferry  Crazy cat lady is a snowflake! 1st amendment audit fail!  Bike race leader celebrating his win with one lap to go  Valentines Day Proposal Goes Wrong in India  HMB While I take the helm of this cruise ship!  The Day I Got Jumped  Didn’t see that coming! Such a funny skit!  Tinder girl threatens my anus  Yep, that's why he was casted as King Joffery (no spoilers)  The Hustle – Official Trailer - Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson - Two female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, team up to take down the dirty rotten men who have wronged them.  Five Feet Apart - Trailer #2 - Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse - A pair of teenagers with life-threatening illnesses meet in a hospital and fall in love.  [Canada] Not This Exit  How to fuckin cut you wide open (439 views)  VALENTINE'S DAY DINNER - HEART SUSHI ROLL WITH TUNA CRAB SALAD AVOCADO AND STRAWBERRY PANNA COTTA  Furry interacts with an army recruiter at convention  [Poetry] “I’m Mary a Poppins!”  Ferret-Seal Man  Adjust Your Tracking (2013) People who collect old VHS movies  LaserDisc: The Forgotten Future (2016) A Look Back At A Incredible Lost Film Format.  Ma - Official Trailer - Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers, Missi Pyle, Luke Evans, Juliette Lewis - A lonely woman befriends a group of teenagers and decides to let them party at her house  [Canada] Excuse Me While I Use Your Lane  [USA] 70 Car Pileup in Iowa  Deep into youtube and you find quality content  Squeaky-voiced furry interviews Star Citizen director Chris Roberts (4 years, 37000 views)  Cant really desribe this but its weird and cathy  Review of video game bathrooms, only bathrooms.  Classic harmless pranks are the best.  Best mashup I've ever heard - Nelly vs Bee Gees  Lyndon LaRouche Presidential Campaign Ad (1980) Rest in peace, you wild man.  Episode one of "Archie's Weird Mysteries" (1999)  Volunteer guest is quietly asked if she's on drugs due to her crazy and awkward behavior on stage. [7:50 when asked]  Pizza Slap Prank  [Poetry] Soldier Dancing like Carlton from Fresh Prince  Roland Freisler: The Hanging Judge (2000) “Roland Freisler was known as the “hanging judge” for his ruthless and fanatical application of Nazi law. Some would go even further to say that the guy  The Most Outrageous Salesman I Ever Filmed (1968) David Hoffman  WCGW If I do my report right in the middle of a race?  [USA][OC] How to make $1500 disappear  Victreebell, Go!  How North Korean Millennials Are Driving Change (2019) Documentary - Jangmadang Generation [52:55]  Perfectly reasonable and measured woman politely asks for a seat on the metro  Why privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide  MADtv Allergy Medication  [Haiku] Every Costco Food Court Item Reviewed in Under 14 Seconds  God is good: God moments. He made an entire playlist called God moments with videos just like this. Yall gotta see this, give this kid some love  [Poetry] The Avatar  Conor McGregor Backstage Fights  Don't call Mike Vallely a skater fag  Ate 3 whole lemons as a thank you for 900 subs lol enjoy  Funny new commercial for the Humane Society  Nintendo Direct Reaction DISCUSSION: Mario Maker 2, Link's Awakening, Tetris 99, Fire Emblem & More! [45:18]  Go Back 1 Day: Wednesday, February 13, 2019