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The Making of Neon Signs (2014)- Making neons in Hong-Kong



M+, Hong Kong's museum for visual culture, presents a video on the making of neon signs. Visit NEONSIGNS.HK for more. 由西九文化區M+博物館呈獻有關霓虹製作過程的短片,即到NEONSIGNS.HK 了解更多。Get to know how neon signs are... M+, Hong Kong's museum for visual culture, presents a video on the making of neon signs. Visit NEONSIGNS.HK for more. 由西九文化區M+博物館呈獻有關霓虹製作過程的短片,即到NEONSIGNS.HK 了解更多。Get to know how neon signs are made as the masters go through the production processes from design, tube bending, gas filling and more.Through this video you will also discover more about the current situation and challenges of the industry in Hong Kong behind the glowing neon signs.由霓虹老師傅親自解說霓虹招牌的製作過程,包括設計、屈管、充氣、通電等工序;與此同時希望公眾透過短片,了解閃閃發亮的霓虹燈牌背後,這項傳統工業正面對的現況與難題。NEONSIGNS.HK 探索霓虹21.3.2014 - 30.6.2014http://www.neonsigns.hk Instagram: #HKNEON Christopher Doyle: Filming in a Neon World - http://www.neonsigns.hk/neon-in-visua... Neon Map 霓虹地圖 - http://www.neonsigns.hk/en/map Neon Timeline 霓虹年表 - http://www.neonsigns.hk/neon-timeline... Lost & Featured Neon Sign Photos 消失及精選霓虹照片http://www.neonsigns.hk/lost-and-feat... About NEONSIGNS.HK - an interactive online exhibition celebrating Hong Kong's neon signsPresented by M+, Hong Kong's museum for visual culture, NEONSIGNS.HK will celebrate a key feature of the city's streetscapes by exploring, mapping and documenting its neon signs - while inviting the public to upload images of their favourite examples from throughout Hong Kong.關於「NEONSIGNS.HK 探索霓虹」西九文化區M+博物館將舉辦首個網上展覽「NEONSIGNS.­HK 探索霓虹」,對香港霓虹招牌作出探索、連繫及記錄。展覽同時邀請­公眾上載喜愛的香港霓虹招牌照片至網上平台,共同展示香港獨有的­城市景觀。


Neon Sign Making-of 霓虹 霓虹製作 製作 探索霓虹 neonsigns.hk neon west kowloon M+ visual culture arts museum hong kong 西九 西九文化區 M+博物館 hkneon exhibition 網上展覽 展覽 霓虹招牌 香港
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