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[USA][CA] 40 minute compilation by Bad Drivers of Southern California



Apologies for the delay, but here it is! This is only about 60% of the clips I've captured, the rest will appear in the next compilation. Enjoy!Dashcams in this video, ordered by highest preference: Viofo A119 Pro, Vantrue N1, Garmin 55, Vantrue X3.... Apologies for the delay, but here it is! This is only about 60% of the clips I've captured, the rest will appear in the next compilation. Enjoy!Dashcams in this video, ordered by highest preference: Viofo A119 Pro, Vantrue N1, Garmin 55, Vantrue X3. Intro Music: Blarsa - Garden Party


bad drivers bad drivers of southern california southern california los angeles san diego riverside dashcam
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