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Who Built Gobekli Tepe? New Theory | Ancient Architects [9:57]



Many have theorised about the purpose of #GobekliTepe in #Turkey , but there isn’t a great deal known about the identity of the builders. Then I came across the theory put forward by researcher and author, Bruce Fenton, who presents the hypothesis... Many have theorised about the purpose of #GobekliTepe in #Turkey , but there isn’t a great deal known about the identity of the builders. Then I came across the theory put forward by researcher and author, Bruce Fenton, who presents the hypothesis that Gobekli Tepe was in fact built by #Aboriginal Australians. Watch the video to learn more.Check out Bruce Fenton online:Website: http://brucefenton.info/ Twitter: @AncientNewsNetYou can buy Bruce's book: 'The Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution' at http://bit.ly/FentonAmazon All images are taken by either brucefenton.info or Google Images for education purposes only.


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