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Wubby/Angelic Initiative Collab



Dear viewers, in response to many requests about our filming process, we are posting full footage of this particular session. This is the first of five episodes with Paymoney Wubby.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:1. Are these your opinions?Answer: No, we are... Dear viewers, in response to many requests about our filming process, we are posting full footage of this particular session. This is the first of five episodes with Paymoney Wubby.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:1. Are these your opinions?Answer: No, we are channeling Angels and other Godly presences.2. Why does Jamie say "That's true" so often?Answer: In many of these videos Jamie has the Fact-Checker job, not the Primary-Channel job. The Fact-Checker is also focusing up into the Higher Dimensions, and attempting to discern what the highest-vibration voice is saying in any particular moment. When the Primary-Channel goofs, the Fact-Checker says something along the lines of: "Hold up. That isn't what I notice." Often those segments are cut out of the episode, so we aren't misleading people who just jump in for a few minutes of a video and then jump out again before they hear the "Hold up, that isn't what I notice." By the time we complete editing an episode, to the best of our awareness everything that's in it is true. Here are some episodes where the Jamie-Collective has the role of Primary Channel: Episodes 799-800, Episodes 919-920, and Episodes 1012-1013. There are also others, in earlier seasons.3. What are you doing with your arms?Answer: Everyone has intuitive channels. Whatever the channels are resting upon is where our "intuition" is coming from. Because gravity is real, intuitive channels fall down when we don't hold them up. We are repeatedly lifting up our intuitive channels so they get out of the soup of confusion, fear, and untruth that is rampant in human society. We do this so we can hear God.4. Is Jamie single?Answer: No, Jamie is in a committed relationship.5. Are you on drugs?Answer: No, we live completely drug-free.In this episode, part one of five: members of Team Awakening relay questions from Paymoney Wubby and his viewers to Godly presences affiliated with Planet Earth, and channel the Higher Powers' responses. The questions include: What is a karmic record? Do you have any hobbies outside of Angelic healing? Why did you shave your heads for a period of time? What are the right questions to ask, in life?The music used in this episode is a selection from "Sosiego" or "Emerald Currents," composed and performed by Martin Debernardi on Peter Samuel's album Woodwinds and Water.OTHER-DIMENSIONAL PRESENCES IN THIS EPISODE:(0:11 ) Gabriel: Archangel Gabriel is a soul acknowledged by many wisdom traditions. He is currently running a large scale experiment of humanity. Paymoney Wubby has been an unaware participant in this experiment.Child Souls: Team Awakening is working to rescue trapped souls of dead children from the even deeper denser dimensions. These souls pass through the Host Bodies at the level of Earth and its Environs on their way to the Light.Search For Truth Community: The Search for Truth Pillar is the command center for the effort to Manifest the Divine Plan. It is staffed by a team of presences from multiple dimensions who are assigned to constantly search for Truth and upgrade the standards of Integrity to that which will work to Manifest the Divine Plan. Our intention is to Manifest the Divine Plan, no matter what anyone else does or doesn't do. Team Awakening is the leadership team of the Search for Truth Community. The SFT energy pillar travels through many dimensional levels.Wiser Minds Above: Regardless of our Dimension of Origin, there are always Wiser Minds above all of us. These presences send down guidance, instruction, and information to those presences who are looking up and listening.DIMENSIONAL LEVELS IN THIS EPISODE:Even Deeper Denser Dimensions: There are billions of dimensions smaller than the Ground Zero dimension, contained within our cells, molecules, atoms, and smaller sub-atomic particles. The living conditions in these dimensions are horrific, due to the suppressions of larger dimensions, including our own.(9:43 ) Ground Zero: The Ground Zero dimension is the dense dimension in which the Lynn-Life and Jamie-Body-Mind host lives are located. "Ground Zero Planet Earth" is the specific dimensional level and planet on which the Angelic Initiative videos are filmed.THE ANGELIC INITIATIVE:The Angelic Initiative is a Multi-Dimensional team of Host Presences and Soul Presences working together to Manifest the Divine Plan, no matter what anyone else does or doesn't do. The two Ground Zero vessels of The Lynn-Life and the Jamie-Body-Mind are the anchor for this effort (also known as the Search for Truth effort) at the level of Earth and its Environs. These vessels channel Presences in many different dimensions, using techniques taught in the Lightworkers Healing Method (http://www.lightworkersmethod.com/ ).To support the Angelic Initiative's work: https://www.crowdrise.com/SupportTheA...


Episode 1034 1034 Angelic Initiative Paymoney Wubby Paymoney Wubby Build Better Karmic Record Karmic Record Karma Interview conversation angels That's true That's True Lady Lynn McGonagill first part one psychic healing psychic lightworkers healing method Jamie McGonagill Twitch Dennis Richardson questions answers audience viewers Planet Earth inter-dimensional Archangel Gabriel Gabriel sixth sense second sight courage talk channel
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